Introduction and Day 1! WOOOO!!!

Buon giorno, world of bloggy-ness :) I figured I’d do a short introduction first and then go on to ramble about the yummy stuff I made for dinner.

I, like I’m sure a bunch of people did, got inspired to cook my way through a cookbook after watching Julie & Julia. But since Mastering the Art of French Cooking had already been done and I’m Italian (only a quarter. But it’s still enough to insist to everyone that,even though I have the most un-Italian last name in the world, I AM actually Italian), I decided on cooking through The Silver Spoon. All 2000+ recipes. Ok maybe not all. I might pass on the ox tail and most things that require me to eat ink from an animal. And I’m not doing the sauces, marinades and flavored butters since they just scream “CARDIAC ARREST WHEN YOU’RE 15”. Aaannddd I might pass on the recipes from chefs at the back of the book. BUT other than that, I’ll pretty much make every recipe in the book. I’m giving myself until the end of highschool, so August 31st, 2013, since I’m the kinda person that if I don’t have a deadline, it’ll never ever ever get done. That’s 964 days and over 1800 recipes. *sigh* Wish me luck…

Since it’s my first night making real food (instead of the painfully easy desserts I’ve been used to making that I knew I couldn’t mess up), I started off simple- Sausage Crostini (page 130) and Spaghetti Carbonara (page 300).

As you can tell from my picture, the crostini really looked nothing like the one in the book, but it was still SUPER amazingly delicious. It calls for 4-6 pieces of country-style bread (thank you bad Italian translation for telling me to use a bread that no one has ever heard of), but I ended up using 16 slices of a loaf of Italian bread and cooked it for about 20 minutes. I added an extra sausage, so if I was gonna make this again, I’d definitely add more cheese. It was a little too sausagey for me. Because I had no clue where I was gonna find stracchino cheese, I substituted it for fontina. But other than that, I stuck to the recipe exactly ;)

And the Spaghetti Carbonara. My aunt recommended that it be my first recipe since I had no clue what to start with, and it wasn’t too bad. Not my favorite, but still pretty good. I was a little unsure about the 2 raw eggs, so I skipped them an added extra butter. Butter makes everything better anyway! A word of caution about the pancetta a.k.a. Italian bacon- it’s about as close to bacon as Canadian bacon is. I was expecting real bacon and was very sad. Boohoo. But anyway, the pancetta was actually really really good. Luckily I put 2 and 2 together and realized that it’s pork belly AFTER I finished eating. Blah. Oh well, I guess I’m gonna have to get used to weird foods….

Ok enough for tonight. I’m off to dream about pork insides and gaining insane amounts of weight these next couple of years. Yay.


4 thoughts on “Introduction and Day 1! WOOOO!!!

  1. Piccola,

    Thank you for including me as one of your bloggers or bloggees.

    I knew that you were born with a Silver Spoon in your mouth, but am not familiar with the cookbook. I think it is a noble aspiration for you to cook your way through that book. As a former auditor, I am familiar with those who cook the books, but have never wanted to cook with a book like you are doing. I think the Italian part of your heritage will come to the fore and you will be a natural.

    If those are your pictures, and not the ones shown in the cookbook, I would say that you have succeeded very well in your initial meal preparation. Look forward to more blogs regarding your future cooking adventures.

    Grampy (AKA Grandpa Allan)

  2. Congratulations and welcome to the world of blogging! Your photos are fabuloso!!! And I love your style of writing, very engaging. My girls and I look forward to following you through your cooking adventure.

    Lady Modesty

    • Thanks so much! I’m glad you like my blog. I’m hoping one day it’ll be half as awesome as yours ;) Oh and thank you for getting the Star Wars reference. It passed right over my mom’s head…hmmm…

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