Spoonlighting Episode II: Attack of the Mushrooms


I try to be good about eating new foods, I really do. The other day I even had escargot. Rubbery snails. And I ate them. But the one thing I will NOT willingly eat are mushrooms. I dunno what it is about them, but they just make me sick. But unfortunately I didn’t notice mushroom puffs actually included mushrooms until I was at the store getting the ingredients. The recipe called for 11 ounces of mushrooms so what do I do? Why, buy the 16 oz. container!!! Since that’s the logical thing to do-buy way more of something that makes you gag. So after I sautéed all the mushrooms and put them in the puffs, I gave the pan of limp gross mushrooms the evil eye and realized that even though I had stuffed the puffs to the gills with disgusting mushrooms, I had only ended up using *maybe* 3, So now I’m left with about 15 1/2 ounces of mushrooms and I’m very sad. And to make me even more depressed, the puffs didn’t stay closed while they were cooking and the mushrooms guts spilt everywhere. But luckily the ham and cheese in the puffs made them a little more edible. Kinda…


For the main course we had probably the least Italian food in the entire cookbook-fried chicken in bread crumbs. But I guess if you give it a name like Pollo impanato e fritto and maybe say it with a cheesy Italian accent, it can sneak its way into The Silver Spoon. The dumb breading decided not to stick to the chicken while I was frying it and I know it thought “well since I’m super nasty looking anyway, I guess I should just stop cooking!” So the the fried chicken that supposedly took 15-20 minutes on planet Bad English Translation took almost 40 minutes here on Earth. Luckily it finished cooking right as I was about to start attacking it with the tongs.

Um..MUFFINS. There's no Italian name for them.

But wait, there’s more. Call in the next 5 minutes and we’ll even throw in a 3rd BONUS recipe! I made muffins. You’re amazed, I know. 3 recipes in one day and I’m still sane. Quoting something I read in the Silver Spoon, the muffins “had tastiness”. Do Americans say tastiness??? Apparently we do. I must be hanging around the wrong people….but seriously, they were good.

I bet you’re wondering what the suspicious ingredient in the blender is, huh? Well from the picture it looks like milk or something. But actually it’s superfine sugar. It’s that magical type of sugar in between granulated and powdered that no one knows about. If you ever decide to blend sugar, do yourself a favor and wait for it to settle before you open the blender or you’ll be painfully inhaling sugar dust. I know this from personal experience about an hour ago.

Oh and here’s where a few of the leftover mushrooms went. Guess what I sneakily got out    of eating?


9 thoughts on “Spoonlighting Episode II: Attack of the Mushrooms

  1. Nice post title! Hopefully, the piccolaitaliana will be able to have some “revenge” at her next meal. :-)
    Incidentally, I have heard that some people live such a sheltered life that they fail to grasp the most obvious of pop-culture references. I feel so sorry for such sad, lonely people… I often wonder what they do with their time. Perhaps they spend it checking to see how many hits they receive on their own crabby blogs…


    • Maybe it will have some revenge. Or maybe there will be a new hope for those poor mushrooms. They were a menace yesterday. Ok this is weird, I’m stopping now.
      I think a certain crabby mother is realizing I’m competition now and feels like she has to one-up me by taunting me with her crabby blog hits…

  2. Congratulations! Your blog is very interesting, I will definetly be following.
    The Oratory Strikes Back. Ha! Get it. Star Wars.

  3. Picco,

    I thought I would get your blog in my regular daily email. Guess not. I had to go back to your previous email. Tastiness is good, but how about truthiness? Are all of the wonderful narrative and the food that is pictured—really yours alone? If so, I am very impressed.

    Viking Man

    • Oh, I’m sorry bout that. But you can subscribe to my posts so that they’ll get emailed to you every time I add a new one. The subscribe button is on the main page on the right, about 1/2 way down.

      Haha yes, all the pictures were taken by either my mom or me and all of the narrative is mine. No plagiarizing, I promise :)

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