Do you believe in life after flat soufflé?

I can feel something inside me say I really don’t want soufflé again , no.

Today started off bad and I could tell it was going to get worse. Yesterday we didn’t end up eating until almost 7pm because I started it too late (and I tend to dawdle a bit.oops.). So today I planned to start at 4 so everything would for sure be done by no later than 6. Apparently things don’t like to go my way. *TMI ALERT* At 3:58 my finger decided to develop stigmata for no apparent reason. I couldn’t find a single band aid so I was running around like a maniac trying to prep things with one hand bleeding and the other trying to stop it with a paper towel. Ok that really was too much info. Mea culpa. Anyway 4:20 comes and I’m still not cooking. FINALLY I’m half an hour behind schedule, but I’m better, and I start the soufflé….


Ok, I don’t even wanna talk about my soufflé. I was upset. No, distraught. The dumb thing didn’t even kinda rise the few inches out of the pan dish like it was supposed to. Actually it didn’t rise at all. But I kinda guessed that while I was making it. I could tell it didn’t like me from the start and I guess this was its way of getting back at me. I guess you could call it….Revenge of the Soufflé! Ahhh, I’m sorry. I tried not to reference Star Wars two days in a row, but I couldn’t help it. I’m a dork like that :) I’m not sure what went wrong with it, but I don’t think the recipe called for enough liquid or too much flour or something because it was a dough when I put it in the oven…and it stayed that way. Flat and lifeless-like. But it tasted ok, if you like semi-cooked dough with bits of ham and cheese in it surrounded by burnt breadcrumbs.


But on a happier note, the avocado and tomato canapés turned out ok! Well, that might be kinda biased since I have a slight obsession with avocados. Actually the avocado I used wasn’t even ripe… I’d definitely make these again. The parsley/Worcestershire/mayonnaise sauce, as gross as it sounds, was amazing. I toasted the bread to give it a little more pizazz.  These were yyuuummmmyyy :)

So let’s sum today up, shall we? Spontaneous invisible papercut+ food not going the way I want it to=sad piccolaitaliana. Oh well. Maybe tomorrow will be better…I still have to decide what I’m going to make…but I’m tearing the soufflé chapter out of the book! GRRRRR!!!!!!!

Ok I’m not really. But it’s pretty tempting right now…


4 thoughts on “Do you believe in life after flat soufflé?

  1. Hello! I found your blog via Lady Modesty to whom I leave random comments from time to time.

    Anyway, I completely know what it is like to have kitchen disasters. I live by myself, though, so those are the nights that I just don’t tell my mom what I ate. :)

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