I got nerve

When I woke up this morning, I could tell there was happiness in the air. There were flowers falling from my ceiling, angelic music playing, and a half dozen leprechauns doing a jig around my bed while holding little puppies. I called out to one leprechaun, “What is the cause for all this joy and frivolity, my dear short Irishman?” His eyes lit up and he said, “Why Piccola! Don’t you know? Your sciatic nerve is pinched!” Oh what fun!!! Happy happy, joy joy!

Sciatic nerve (or as I called it “psychotic nerve” until someone finally corrected me…last year…) pain is the worst. Ever. Why I had to wake up with it today when I was going to make a gajillion things for dinner and I was going to stand for hours, I don’t know. I bet this is its way of saying “Hey fatty, ease up on the pizza. Your legs can only hold so much weight.”  And the worst part is that I know for a fact I haven’t gotten any exercise or done anything to bug it at all this week. You can just call me piccolalazybum.

This morning it was only my sciatic nerve that was killing me, but I think it decided to throw a party and get the surrounding nerves involved too. So by noon, pretty much my entire leg was asleep. Pleasant, I know. But it’s true.


I was looking up how to make my nerve pain go away and I found the most depressing website ever. It said “Prolonged sitting or standing, sneezing, coughing or lifting aggravates sciatica.” Oh great. Why don’t they just throw in that breathing, blinking and raising your eyebrows aggravates it too?  Luckily, 2 Tylenols, 2 Aleves, various ice packs, plenty of complaining, and one day sprawled out on the couch later, I’m better :)


Oh wait I just sneezed. Ow. They weren’t lying, it does aggravate it. Great…


First off, I apologize for the not so good pictures. I was totally wiped out and really not in the mood to be a perfectionist. Not that I ever am….

No, that’s not a giant rice krispie treat in the background, but how awesome would that be?! That is a pretty molded chunk of rice. Surrounded by little shrimpies with..err..brown curry on top. It tasted better than it looks, believe me. This was one of the better meals this week, but it took me FOREVER to make. From start to finish it was more than 3 hours. For a normal person, this might have taken 1 hour tops, but I was multi-tasking and making fancy schmancy hor’dourves, like the Salmon Puffs and Pizzaiola Tartines you see above.


These were an I-just-ate-a-super-yummy-dinner-and-now-I-want-dessert after thought. I whipped these up after I ate and they were on the table just as everyone was finishing eating. WHACHA! Speedy fast. These were good. Not very sweet, but I liked them. I think I’m realizing that Italian cookies are pretty boring…

Today I knocked off 6 recipes (including the curry and the puffs). Impressive, no? And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go implode. And hopefully not sneeze again.


3 thoughts on “I got nerve

  1. Piccola (AKA Picco),

    Congratulations!!! You have the nerve to cook up such wonderful stuff. Your RISO AL (like that part) CURRY CON GAMBERI would do any Top Chef proud.

    BTW I am hoping that you achieve Nervana (a place or state characterized by freedom from pain) very soon. I have to admit that I got the definition of Nervana from the dictionary. My dictionary does contain a few spelling mistooks.


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