Another boring Saturday? Wrong, sir, WRONG!

I really don’t like Saturdays during winter. There’s absolutely nothing to do, unless I want to be at some museum or something with a bazillion other people equally as bored as I am. And I wasn’t about to do more school….so I spent most of this morning with my little sister rubbing balloons against our clothes and sticking them to the wall. Yeah, it was a p-a-r-t-y, par-TAY over here!

So while everyone else was being bored out of their minds, I was being productive googling things to do. And coming up with nothing. But then I remembered that there’s an amazing old-time soda fountain shop called Crown Candy a few miles from our house. And when I say amazing, I mean AAAAHHH-MAZING.

Crown Candy’s kinda in a…umm…sketchy neighborhood. But since I’ve grown up in the city, the fact that there was a crime lab car outside didn’t faze me at all. Their food is sooooo good, it’s worth it :)

I’m a big believer in first impressions, which is weird because I know I give horrible ones. I guess because I’m polite and not super outgoing, everyone think I’m deathly quiet, which I’m not. I just take a while to warm up. But the first thing you see when you walk into Crown Candy is, shockingly, candy. One long shelf of every kind of candy you could ever want and more!!!!! I couldn’t get a great picture of it with the phone’s camera, but the candy goes on for a while on the left too. Let’s review. Piccola? Bad first impressions. Crown Candy? Wonderful first impressions.

Just when I thought I was the happiest girl in the world, I looked up at the gigantor list of fantastical superful malts, shakes, sundaes, deluxe sundaes, and some other kind of ice cream concoction. Look at that, I’m so excited I’m making up words! Of course, me being super boring and a slight chocoholic, I got a chocolate malt. But not your normal I-could-chug-this-wimpy-thing-in-30-seconds malt. Their malts should be dubbed King of all Maltland.

When you order, they bring your 24 ounce shake/malt in a cup (you can kinda see it on the very right) so you can be overwhelmed when you fill your glass and realize that you’ve hardly made a dent in your dessert. I filled 3 glasses full of malt and I still had a ton left in my cup. My mind was determined to drink the entire thing, but my stomach was saying “you put anything else in me and I’ll show YOU full!”  My stomach and my mind are two completely different people, thank goodness. Day and night. Cats and dogs. Orange juice and toothpaste. But my stomach-being the smarter of the two-remembered that there was still candy to be bought. And of course, they had my absolute all-time favorite candy on the face of the planet: Raspberry and Blackberry candies.

If happiness and love could ever be packed into a food, it would be in these. Since I only bought $2 worth of these, I figured I’d buy another of my favorite candy, Swedish Fish.

Word of advice-when you ask the guy who looks like Westley from Princess Bride for 1/4 pound of Swedish Fish, expect to get about 7. I wanted to say to him “as you wish”, but I couldn’t find a good time to non-awkwardly throw it in.

So, no Italian food today. I’m kinda wiped out from making 16 recipes in 1 week, but I’ll start again tomorrow. And now I’m going to ignore the fact I’m still full and go break off some of my braces brackets with my super yummy candy :)


6 thoughts on “Another boring Saturday? Wrong, sir, WRONG!

  1. Can you believe it, i have never been to crown candy! Some Saturday that I actually have time to be bored I am definitely going to go there!
    p.s. You do not give bad first impressions!

  2. Piccola,

    A boring Saturday. For retired people like me, every day is a Saturday and I love it. Your blogs are not boring, but are rather a highlight of my day. Instead of becoming a nurse you might consider becoming a writer—you have a definite talent for it.

    You being the expert probably know the difference between a shake and a malt. I do not. When I was 15 years old my favorite was a butterscotch malt which was so thick one had to almost eat it with a spoon rather drink it.


    • My old writing teacher told me that I should think about being a writer too…hmmm…decisions, decisions. Right now I have my sights set on nursing school, but things could change. I still have a few years…

      The only difference between a malt and a shake is that a malt has malt powder in it. There really isn’t much of taste difference, but I guess it’s just fancier to say that you’re drinking a malt as opposed to a shake ;)

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