I can see right through your lies, Mr. Italian Pie Crust Dough

First off, sorry for not putting this up last night. I spent most of the time after dinner doing biology and was so worn out, I just went to bed. But now that I’ve had all night to mull about last night’s dinner, today’s post should be extra fantastic!…or not…


If I were to describe last week’s food in 1 word, it’d probably be carbohydrates. Starchy. Please-give-me-a-vegetable-because-I-feel-like-I’ve-gone-into-butter-and-flour-overload. So this week there needed to be some major changes. Hey, it was the first time really cooking in my life, I was gonna make some mistakes…and by some I mean a whole bunch… So this week is mainly meat and vegetables. MUCH better. Last night we had Insalata di Cetriolo, which is a cucumber and pear salad. But if you assume you have pears and 10 minutes before dinner look and see you don’t, it becomes just a cucumber salad. Still equally as delicious. Just not as pear-y, which isn’t a bad thing. Moral of the story? Get out (or at least look at) your ingredients before you start cooking.


I also made Nasello in Tageme-Fried Hake. Unless you can’t find Hake at a supermarket and then it turns into Fried Some-Australian-Fish who’s name I can’t remember. It was good too. I left out most of the vegetables that it called for and just used the carrots, garlic, herbs, tomatoes, capers, 1 pickle, and the mustard. I wasn’t in the mood for shallots or olives or leeks, white part only, thinly sliced. The fish and cucumber salad were really good together. At least I thought so…some people were complaining that that was all we were having for dinner and there should have been a lettuce salad, but I ignore those people.


And then the infamous Lemon Tart. Torta al Limone. It called for a homemade pie crust dough which was one of the recipes in The Silver Spoon. So I killed two birds with one stone. Or 1 person’s sanity with 2 recipes. I’ve heard it both ways. I could either go with Pie Crust Dough #1 or Pie Crust Dough #2. I chose 1 because it was much shorter and easier. Aaannnddd I’m super lazy, in case I haven’t let you on to that by now. The ingredients were 1 3/4 cups flour, 1/2 cup sugar, 1/2 cup butter, 2 egg yolks and salt. So I combined them and it wasn’t looking too hot. Kinda like a buttery floury mixture of grossness. There was absolutely no way I could work with it. Oh wait,  then it told me to knead it. HMMMMMMM…. do Italians like their pie crust looking and staying together like cornmeal? So I turned to my best friend in the whole world, Allrecipes.com. And of course, because it loves me so, they had a recipe for pie crust that was almost exactly like mine. Except for that theirs actually had liquids. I ended up adding 1/2 cup water, 1 tsp. vinegar and 1 tsp baking powder and it turned out beautifully. The crust was amazing (I feel like I only alternate between using awesome and amazing to describe food…hmm..I think I need a bigger vocabulary…). If only the tart was half way lemony. It was more of a custard with a hint of lemon. As in *takes bite* mmm..custard….custard…custard….WOAH. I FOUND THE LEMON JUICE. Note to self: stir it more next time. Oh and that incredibly attractive potholder my mom insisted be in the picture? My best friend at the time and I spent hours making those when we were about 8. Good times.

Soooo I think I kinda dove into this a little too quickly. I’m slowing down my pace a bit, so I don’t think I’ll be making 16 recipes in a week anytime soon. If I miss a day of blogging, chances are I’m just taking a breather. Or whatever I made that night came alive and took me prisoner back to its alien planet. Hopefully not the latter.


4 thoughts on “I can see right through your lies, Mr. Italian Pie Crust Dough

  1. Jon thinks that your food is too fancy. He does not understand that your goal is to cook your way through the Silver Spoon cookbook. BTW Meat and veggies are a great combo.

    For goodness hake, your fish looks a lot like tilapia, which I really like. I also like cucumbers and pears a lot, but have never had them together as a salad.

    Be sure to take your own advice and slow down a bit. But, please keep on kooking!!!


  2. I made tons of those potholders too when I was young! I am pretty sure that my mother exiled all of mine to the garbage heap when I wasn’t looking. I like your mom better. :)

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