And the award for the most boring post goes to…

ME! Sorry. I have absolutely nothing to talk about today. I spent most of my day getting very annoyed at 4th declension Latin nouns, so there was no time for me to cook real food. Unless you count the waffles (Ego amo te, Eggo waffles) I had for breakfast…. My mom asked what we should do for dinner so I suggested (half talking to her, half concentrating on why it matters if I know the Latin word for knee or horn) we stick a chicken in the crockpot, put some white wine in it and forgetta’bout it.  So that was my input on dinner. It was good, but I didn’t make it.  So, unless you want to hear about how boring dog training class was tonight, or how I dyed my hair Monday, I’m just gonna stop blogging for today. Tomorrow will be more interesting, I promise. Maybe. I hope. Probably not…


6 thoughts on “And the award for the most boring post goes to…

  1. Even when you talk about not cooking you’re
    funny, who knew you could be so entertaining?
    So glad all these musings are for posterity.


  2. I just discovered your blog! (Guess who let me know?). I gave Uncle John The Silver Spoon for Christmas, so maybe he can get some inspiration from your experiments. I am sure he will be visiting your blog very soon!

    Aunt Marilyn

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