Things (that I’ve done) that I recommend never doing

If you were to ask me to put together a list of things I’ve done that I think are incredibly dumb,the list would pretty long. Cutting my hair myself and then dying it red? Don’t do it. Watching all 17 hours of Blue’s Clues that we happen to own, sometimes without a toddler because I kinda like that show? Don’t. Making 2000 recipes in 2 1/2 years? Yeah, we all know that’s dumb. Cutting an onion with your eyes closed? Exceptionally dumb. Unfortunately I didn’t know that while I was doing it. Today. No worries, I’m fine :) While I was cutting onions earlier (which, for the record, are right up there with mushrooms on the I could live without this/please stop growing this list), I was crying from the onion juice or whatever it is that enjoys bothering my eyes. So I thought “how can I make my eyes stop watering???? ……. Duh! I’ll just close my eyes!” That good idea didn’t last long. Reality finally kicked in and I realized that what I was doing was incredibly…not smart, to say the least. So my fingers are still intact, thank you very much. I’m not THAT dumb. Hmm….

One of the many downsides of not being 16 yet is that I don’t have my license :( So when someone who’s legally licensed to drive can’t make it to the store to get food for dinner, I have to improvise. It’s pretty bad whenever I improvise, but it’s especially bad with food since I’m not that good of a cook…just yet. So I rummaged through our fridge and came up with a zucchini, pasta and some cheese. I wanted to make pasta primavera, so I looked through the Silver Spoon for a recipe. Silly me! People actually enjoy pasta primavera, so that automatically makes it not a candidate for my lovely cookbook. So I improvised even more. I sautéed the onion, and then the zucchini with lemon juice. Cooked some pasta, tossed it all together and grated parmesan and romano cheese on top. Voilà! Easy, yummy, fast, easy, just a few dishes, easy, easy, easy. I liked the easy part best :)

So while I was waiting for everyone to get ready for dinner, I was thinking about food. Surprise! Mainly chocolate. So I improvised even more and turned the Duncan Hines brownie mix into brownie cookies. The cookies kindly asked me to refrain from taking pictures of them since they were so ugly. I didn’t listen.

These were no-bake brownies. Not no bake as in no need to bake. No bake as in no matter how long I left these in the oven, they wouldn’t cook. So after 15 minutes, I gave up and hoped we wouldn’t get sick. I’ll be a while before I improvise again.

Hopefully I’ll start making Italian food again sometime soon. Not sure when, but soon…


5 thoughts on “Things (that I’ve done) that I recommend never doing

  1. You did a great job of improvising with the ingredients on hand. It’s a good trick to learn since we don’t always have everything we need on hand for a receipe. As for the sauteed onion, whenever I couldn’t decide what to make for dinner I’d slowly saute an onion in butter (the old days) and it would smell so good that I would get inspired to figure out what to make. Keep up the good work!

  2. Loving your blog. It’s amazing how after only a few weeks of cooking you
    are able to improvise and come up with a meal from ingredients on hand! Aren’t
    you clever. Stay with the blog–I enjoy your writing as much,(if not more), than
    the food. Your posts when you don’t cook are funny and bring a smile on these
    cold days.
    p.s. There is a site that shows recipes that can be made with what you have.

  3. Picco,

    Aha, true confession time. Thanks for sharing some things that I should not attempt. Your 17 hour Blue Clues marathon reminds me of something that you father did years ago. I think it was trying to achieve a certain goal (like a million) on something called Missile Command. It truly was a marathon. I will let him fill you in.

    I am not sure what it means to sautee something, but thankfully it does not sound dangerous? I might try it some day.

    Your style of cooking has proved to be very interesting, but it pales in comparison to your wonderful writing style.


  4. I too have totally tried to cut an onion with my eyes closed. Yeah, luckily I still have all my fingers….
    A family friend says that if you have a sharp knife it is less likely that the onion will make your eyes tear because the onion gets cut in a cleaner fashion without crushing the cell membranes. Or something like that….I’m not too into botany….

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