The Duct tape Spoon

Another lazy Saturday. Except I didn’t have any chocolate malts or BLTs today like I did last Saturday. Major bummer. But I’m sure my cholesterol is thanking me right now.

Everyone (everyone but me…) is feeling a little under the weather over here, so the extent of my cooking today was toast with butter and ice water. TOMORROW THERE SHALL BE ITALIAN FOOD! Seriously, I really need to make something.

So I spent today nursing people back to health and doing odd projects from some arts and crafts book we got from the library.

The first pointless thing I made was a new cover for my ipod. Gorgeous, huh? I spent way too much time on it. And it didn’t even look that good :/ Oh well.

Next up, we have the lovely duct tape rose. Also, not so great. And in the background there is the ninja star. Yeah… I kinda lost my enthusiasm after the ipod failure.

And then I cured cancer, went to Mars and conquered the world!!!!!!!! Muahhahahaha!!!! Sorry. This post needed some excitement :)


2 thoughts on “The Duct tape Spoon

  1. Hey bPicco,

    Way to duct out of doing some cooking. But, I am very proud of your efforts in nursing your family back to health.

    I thought duct tape was silver in color and thus should have been appropriate to be associated with your Silver Spoon cookbook.

    BTW The Italian part of your heritage should be very proud of Francesca Schiavone, as she won the longest (4 hours 44 mintues) tennis match in the history of the Women’s Grand Slam. It was held in Melbourne (not Florida, but Australia).

    BTW Thanks for conquering cancer, Mars and the world. Now it is back to cooking excitement.


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