What are you making today, Piccola? Whatever I feel like making. Gosh! *insert blank stares from everyone but JJR*

It’s nice to be back to cooking food again. Of course, the day I come back, I tackle 3 (almost 4) recipes. Yeah, I’m a smarty. But today turned out nicely. No major issues….and I even fed JJR and his sidekick, Mr Playdough. It was a party over here :)


I made Four Cheese Risotto which turned into 3 Cheese Risotto. I left out most of the cheese it called for and added Fontina, Romano (my new favorite) and Parmesan. Only complaint I have is that it wasn’t cooked. Not my fault! I added the right amount of liquid, stirred it continuously for all 18 minutes and it still was a little crunchy. But on the plus side, I now have killer biceps ;) I don’t think anyone noticed that the rice wasn’t quite cooked. And if they did, suck it up. Nah kidding, I’m sorry you had to eat it.


Philippines Chicken (also called Filipino Chicken, if you translate it correctly) was painfully easy. The recipe pretty much goes like: brown chicken in olive oil. Heat vinegar, soy sauce, garlic and bay leaf together. Pour over chicken. Cover and cook for 30 minutes. Sit back and wonder what you’re gonna do with the rest of your time since that took a whole 3 seconds to prepare. Best kind of recipe. So Pollo Alla Filippina might be made again before I leave for nursing school.


If you ever happen to make Sweet-and-Sour Peppers, or just heat up white wine vinegar in general, BEWARE. Not only will the kitchen and entire house smell like vinegar, but if you’re dumb enough to put your head over the pan while you’re heating it up (*cough* me *cough*), the fumes will make you sick. I think it burnt off my sense of smell , singed my lungs and I still have a major headache. If bleach was ever a food, it’d be this vinegar. So as good as these were, I don’t think I’ll be making them anytime soon EVER AGAIN.

I was going to make Strawberry Ice Cream, but ended up making Moose Tracks and Heath Bar Ice Cream instead. I even packaged them in nice little Breyers containers! Ok, not really. I didn’t plan far enough ahead and forgot to freeze the ice cream maker insert. So the ice cream is gonna have to wait until tomorrow.

Aaaannnndddd on that note, I’m off to take some Advil for my lovely headache :/


7 thoughts on “mmmm…fumes…

  1. Dear Piccola,
    Thanks for a great dinner! I would write more but I’m really busy right now grating cheese for my nachos…


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      • I guess I’ll have to beg forgiveness, then, for finding it amusingly yet painfully ridiculous. So I do understand its charm, but . . . not for me. It just feels wrong, like I’m laughing at someone else’s inaptitude. So I feel uncomfortable and can’t really enjoy it. Even though they’re fictional characters and have no feelings. Does that make sense to you?

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