The aftermath of fumes

It’s incredibly hard to make food when the last thing you want to do is eat. So hard, in fact, that I gave up for today and I think we’re having left-overs…. I’m pretty sure it was the toxic vinegar fumes that made my stomach hurt and kept me bedridden up until an hour ago. Or I might have the bug that’s going around my family. But blaming the vinegar is so much more fun.

But it’s pretty outside, so I’m not THAT grumpy.

Ok maybe I am pretty grumpy. Oops.

Hopefully I’ll feel better by tomorrow, because I have some awesome food planned. Yum yum :)


One thought on “The aftermath of fumes

  1. Picco,

    Yes, your picture proves that it is beautiful outside your home. I am hopeful that your cooking today will prove that it is beautiful inside your body (that you feel better). Your sense of humor, not fuming at the fumes, will carry you through.


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