Blood mother! BLOOD!

Wednesdays burn me out. First I have classes in the morning with a bunch of other home schooler nerds like me ;) Luckily, I love the one class I’m in. The 2 hours of study hall? Eh, not so much. So I’m burned out from…not talking to anyone…ok well maybe 2 or 3 people talk to me. Highschool’s fun. Not. So then I come home, do school, make dinner, eat it speedily fast and go to dog training class. 1 hour full of liver treats, spastic dogs, still no one talking to me, and dog bites. My dumb dog bit my hand today while I was trying to get something out of her mouth. So I bled to death while I tried to teach her “stay.” And it SO wasn’t worth it. But luckily I’m home now, no longer dying, and eating ice cream. I’m better…

I love making food. It’s very therapeutic. Food can’t annoy you (most of the time) or ignore you like people can. And the icing on the cake was that today’s food was absolutely wonderful. So that make me very very very happy.


As I was reading through the ingredients today, I kind of had a panic moment. “flour, puff pastry, bacon, eggs, cream….cream…wait, I feel like I don’t have it anymore….wait, wait, wait…NOOOO!!!!!!” I used it on the ice cream. One word:duh. I guess I figured that a 1/2 pint would suffice for the ice cream and quiche. I was wrong.  So I used skim milk (I probably should have used whole…) and it was…umm…quite fluffy. It was good, but not filling. The recipe called for me to cook the puff pastry filled with baking beans and then bake it blind. That pretty much means putting weights on the pastry and sticking it in the oven. I didn’t have baking bean weights, so I improved and used chickpeas-the wimpiest bean on the world. They looked very depressing.Don’t laugh. Yes, they’re ugly, I know. Let’s move on.


Also on the menu were stuffed mushrooms. What?!?! Me? Eating mushrooms?! Yes, I did. And they’re no longer on my hate list. Not that I have a hate list….but if I did, mushrooms would have been on the top. But these were actually really good. They didn’t take too long and the milk-soaked bread/cheese/mushroom stem filling wasn’t too bad. Not totally unappetizing like I just made it sound…

And yes, the *ehem* lovely post title is from Psycho. I adore that movie and I just HAD to quote it. Yeah….ok, I’m done now.


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