Gnocchi 1-Piccola 0

I, piccolaitaliana, solemnly swear, with my lovely readers as my witnesses, to never make gnocchi again and if, by some odd chance, I ever make it again, I shall pursue it with the lowest expectations ever. And I’ll only make it if I lose my sense of taste and smell and possibly sight.

The first time you have gnocchi, do yourself a favor and DON’T have the premade-frozen-stick-in-a-pot of-water-and-tada-they’re-done kind. It gets your hopes up :( Also, don’t watch a video of some Italian super chef make perfect gnocchi in about 7 1/2 seconds flat. And don’t attempt to mash half-cooked potatoes with a cruddy potato masher. Unfortunately, I’ve made all these mistakes. Most of them today…..

First off, let’s get educated.

gnocchi |ˈnäkē| (or say NO-key while someone hits you on the back of the head. It’s true)
plural noun
(in Italian cooking) small dumplings made from potato, semolina, or flour, usually served with a sauce.

So, basically potato noodles. The first time I had them, they were really good. Of course, when I made them, not so amazing. And incredibly time consuming. I think I got annoyed at every single step in the recipe. Steam the potatoes? After 40 minutes were still hard. Mash them? I almost broke 2 potato mashers. I ended up going to the depths of our basement to get our unopened food processor that might be as old as I am. Knead “dough” (if you can call it that….)? If by knead you mean get all of it stuck to my hands, then I actually did that step correctly! Form into balls and stick in water? Ok, I got the water part down pat, but I moved too slowly with the dough and it turned into a whopping pile of lifeless goo that couldn’t be worked with. *sigh*

But I figured out if you dump a bottle of Ragú and grated Parmesan chesse over it, it covers up the taste of (still) uncooked potatoes.


This isn’t the best picture I had, but the background made me laugh :) Ahhh, I love little brothers and sisters….

Sooooooo, today was no fun. BUT, I’m off to Chicago tomorrow morning with my mom & sister to visit some friends. I’m bringing my computer, but I’m not sure if I’ll blog while I’m there…we’ll see. I might just eat, walk around downtown (any recommendations of stuff to do….???) and watch hotel cable until my brain explodes :) So if you guys don’t hear from me until Monday, no worries, I’m still alive.


3 thoughts on “Gnocchi 1-Piccola 0

  1. Where are the photos?

    It couldn’t have been THAT bad! Oh wait, I was there…and ate it…and well, she’s not lying, folks!

  2. Don’t despair. Every seeming failure in cooking is a learning experience. Already
    you are finding ways to “doctor” your recipes into something palatable. Thank
    God for Ragu! It’s amazing what you can do with tomatoes, cheese and onions.
    I’m sure the kids are more than willing to eat anything with sauce.

    Have fun in Chicago, try the Art Institute or the Museum of Science and Industry.
    Google the Chicago Tourist Bureau for info.

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