I heart Chicago :)

Ok I lied. I couldn’t go a day without blogging, obviously.

We checked in to our lovely hotel in downtown Chicago about an hour ago and we’re now lounging in the room listening to my ipod. Ahhhhhh, relaxing :)

I haven’t really been to Chicago before (unless you count going to the American Girl store when I was 8….) and holy guacamole, it’s so different from St. Louis!!!!! Everyone’s an insane driver and there are about an infinity of buildings, as opposed to our 3. We’re gonna walk down Michigan Ave. tomorrow, but just head to dinner tonight and come back and…do nothing. There are like 5 channels on the tv and they’re all, for lack of a better word, stupid. You want normal channels? Oops, you have to buy those! Also, you touch anything in the bar, a sensor knows you touched it and you have to buy it. Lame. And there’s only 1 king size bed in the room, so I got kicked to a roll-away bed. And the pipe in our ceiling sounds like a time bomb. Does it get any better? Ohhhh yes. There’s a martial arts tournament in the ballroom here, so there are about 100 16 year old guys with scary weapons walking around the lobby. It looks like they’re here for a bad remake of The Karate Kid. I didn’t make eye contact….

Wanna see the view from the room?35 stories. 350 feet in the air. A straight drop to sudden death. Duhduhduh…..


2 thoughts on “I heart Chicago :)

  1. Picco,

    If you want to see some really crazy drivers try New York City. Although according to your Uncle Chris, the drivers in Sao Paulo are just about the craziest.


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