Posting while 1/2 asleep…proceed at your own risk

Wow, today was absolutely insane. INSANE I TELL YOU!!!! We hit both the Field Museum and the Shedd Aquarium. The Field Museum was…eh. Nothing hugely special. The t-rex was pretty cool (I kept saying “big head and little arms” and no one thought it was funny…), but other than that we spent most of the morning walking around the museum in a daze since we weren’t quite awake just yet. But the aquarium was fun! :) Smelled like fish (surprise, surprise), but over all pretty interesting. We got to watch a show where they showed us how they trained the sea lions and dolphins and stuff. I love you, dear Chicago, but the show we have at the St Louis zoo is WWWAAAYYYY cooler. No offense :)

(ok I’m about to pass out I’m so tired, so I might stop making sense right about…now) So then we came back to the hotel to take a breather.  The breathers we’ve had so far mainly consist of us trying to get the internet to work and blankly staring at each other. There’s not much to do here. BUT THEN, we left to meet up with some friends; the only reason that we’re actually here. Ok can you be friends with someone if you haven’t actually met them…?? Hmmm…but anyway, they were absolutely and completely awesome. And Italian. Do they get any cooler?! So we spent 5 hours at a St. Louis Bread Co. Panera Bread and only left when it was an hour past its closing time and the people cleaning it looked like they wanted to punch us and throw us out at the same time. Oops.

We leave tomorrow :(  But I’ve loved coming up here to get out of the slight boringness of Missouri, even if it is just for 3 days.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to fall asleep.



4 thoughts on “Posting while 1/2 asleep…proceed at your own risk

  1. Picco,

    Glad to hear that you are enjoying Chi Town. A history lesson: Years ago the St. Louis Zoo stole the director of the Lincoln Park Zoo (in Chicago) and Marlin Perkins took the STL Zoo to great heights.

    I was wondering when your friends would be entering the scene. Sounds rather mysterious to me—friends that you have never met. I am guessing that these are people that you met over Facebook or some sort of deal.

    Small World: Uncle Chris had lunch at a Panera Bread place in Melbourne. The service was not too his liking (I will let him fill you in on all of the details), with the bottom line being that he received a PB Certificate. He gave me the certificate and now I get two items free at PB.

    I am wondering if you flew or drove to Chi Town. Either way have a safe trip back to reality.


    • Haha no, my mom knows their mom through a bunch of home school/church stuff. So we’ve known WHO they are for a while now, but never met them in person.

      And we drove to Chicago. I honestly didn’t know people called it Chi Town until this past weekend. Learn something new everyday, huh? ;)

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