Pictures from my lovely vacation

I’M HOME!!!! Sorry for the lack of post yesterday. I was weirdly wiped out from the drive back. Is it possible to be jet lagged if you stay in the same time zone…? Anyway, I was dead tired and wasn’t feeling good on top of it. My mom said maybe I didn’t feel good because all I had eaten that day were fruit rollups, cheeze-its, a hot chocolate from Mickey D’s, and a bag of sour patch kids. Hmm, maybe… I hoped eating real food would help me feel better, so popped open a can of mandarin oranges and that didn’t help. Long story short, I’m home, I ate horribly yesterday and I’m still super tired…

Who wants to see pictures?! :)

I absolutely LOVE this picture of the Beatles and might snag it for my room. If only it wasn’t 3 stories high…

Let’s play a game called “What is this building?”. No seriously, what is it?

SEE! Big head and little arms!

The trip was fun, but I’m glad to be back in St. Louis. I didn’t fit in Chicago with my converses and crimped hair…which is why I love where I live :)

I’m not entirely sure what I’m making for dinner tonight. I’m thinking Chicken Pot Pie. I’ll put up my pictures and reviews later tonight. Prepare yourself, it’s gonna be epic….

Ok probably not, but it sounded cool.


9 thoughts on “Pictures from my lovely vacation

      • and what, pray tell, is wrong with skinny jeans and knee high boots?? ;)

        you can wear both skinny jeans, converse, AND crimped hair in NYC and nobody will care. in fact, you can wear a full armor with a huge lance and charge someone and the crowds will barely look up. i know. i have seen this.

        • Absolutely nothing is wrong with those, oh cool aunt. But I’m not hip-to-the-jive enough to pull it off and make it look good.

          Finally, a place where I can whip out my medieval garb and no one will care. I’m soooo moving to New York!

  1. Picco,

    I did notice that you postponed your post.

    Thanks for the pix. Hope that you will get back into cooking up some healthy vittles soon.

    I think that “building” is a sculpture—possibly a Picasso?

    I am familiar with the decorated Converses, but not the crimped hair. Need a picture!!!


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