Last night’s dinner since I was too lazy to post yesterday. Oops.

Ok, when I said I was making Chicken Pot Pie yesterday, I was bluffing. I couldn’t find chicken and wasn’t about to make a pot pie with crust, veggies and cream of whatever soup. Ick. So, I improvised/combined 2 recipes in The Silver Spoon. Ha ha ha! I am so awesome! I rummaged through our fridge and freezer and found some frozen tortellini, parmesan cheese, and the rest of the prosciutto from whenever. I think it’s from the 23rd… it’s cured ham, it can’t go bad. Right?

I combined the Curried Tortellini (Tortellini al Curry) and the Tortellini Bolognese (Tortellini alla Bolognese) recipe to make…err… Tortillini con  Prosciutto or something like that. The extent of my Italian is google translator. Hey, I’m working on it….

I also found some alfredo sauce recipe from allrecipes that I made and cooked the peas in (I probably should have cooked them before since they were still kinda raw). Then added the meat, dumped it on the tortellini and TADA! Perfection. Well, sorta. I’m not a huge fan of tortellini so I stayed with one helping.

Wow, I’ve made 32 recipes in what, 20 days? And I even went on vacation and took a bunch of days off. Impressive, no? Let’s hope I stay on a roll for another…942 days. Dude, I am crazy.


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