IT’S (the day after) GROUNDHOG DAY!

Just a heads up, I have a feeling that this post is gonna be all over the place. So just bear with me, ok?

It’s official. I wish I lived somewhere other than St. Louis. EVERYONE else in the Midwest got hit with 500 feet of snow and look what we got!

Does that look like a blizzard to you?!?!? No. I didn’t think so. That is about 4 inches. We got a smidgen and everyone else got the entire snow factory dumped on them. Not cool.

I awoke yesterday to my wonderful father yelling “It’s Groundhog Day!”. Man, if yesterday repeated I’d be depressed.  Nothing happened and I wasn’t even kinda in the mood for food. Hence, nothing was made yesterday. But today’s a different story!!! Ok, not really. I only made dessert. If you can call it that….

What is that, you ask? Errr….I’m not really sure….puff pastry with chocolate chips and a chocolate/peanut butter sauce something or other. But it was good! I wasn’t in the mood to make a real dessert but I felt like I had to make something and then…this happened. Entirely my creation, thank you thank you. I feel like it needs a name. I’ll sleep on it and let you know in the morning.

And since we’re totally jumping all over the place, guess what I got today? My first letter from a college. Yikes. Some college in Indiana said they liked my PSAT scores and sent me a brochure. I felt smart and loved all at the same time.  I guess I did good on the test. Whoops. I mean goodly. ;)

And on that random note, I bid you buona notte. I’m going to reunite with an amazing friend of mine tomorrow, so I probably won’t be up for cooking and/or blogging. Whatever shall you do without me?! Don’t cry too much. I’ll be back with a killer post on Saturday all about…wait for iiiiiit…absolutely nothing! WOOHOO!!!!


10 thoughts on “IT’S (the day after) GROUNDHOG DAY!

  1. The dessert looks yummy. See how a few weeks in the kitchen have already
    freed you to improvise and create your own concoctions? I love your posts
    and pictures. Hoping to see you soon and get a taste of your “home cookin’.”

  2. Picco,

    Thanks for your latest post, as I was getting HUNGRY for one!!!

    Congrats on your wonderful PSATs that have caught the attention of at least one college. I wonder if you will be an early entrant.

    I am also wondering if it is an Italian thing or a Midwest tradition to have dessert every day.

    I guess that PP is predicting an early Spring. Your small amount of white stuff will be gone shortly.

    Have a great reunitation!!!


  3. The snow was deep enough to get stuck in, apparently. My mom spent an hour in the middle of Jamieson trying to shovel our car out of two inches of ice! Right now I’m pretty mad at the weather guy. Twelve inches of snow? Please.

    By the way, your pastry looks A.W.E.S.O.M.E.!!!!

  4. HA HA! Guess how much snow we got on Monday in Hickville. . . . .9 inches! But this morning we woke up to 12 inches!
    That pastry looks amazing!

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