Sunday morning donuts

Tomorrow’s Monday. Oh joy. But to help ease the pain: DONUTS! There’s a donut shop that we usually stop by on our way back from church that has the most amazing donuts ever. While you order, you can see the guy in the back making more donuts. And the ones you get are usually still warm. Heaven on earth. But I always feel weirdly rushed and overwhelmed when I go there…so this Brian Regan skit is spot on.


4 thoughts on “Sunday morning donuts

  1. Picco,

    True confession time!!! When your father was around your age, I had the task of buying the dozen doughnuts. We doughnuted on Saturday mornings. I would write down (otherwise I would certainly forget) what each person wanted. I guess that we each could choose two flavors and I came back with quite a variety, like you guys apparently do. However, as I recall there was nary a crumb left in the doughnut box. Some would even put their finger in to get some of the good stuff that was stuck to the box.

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