It’s been one of those days…

Being sick is the pits. Although I’m not sure I feel as bad as my dog Gemma does… so sparing the details, I’ve been in bed the last two days and I’m kinda loopy from not eating.

I wish to start off this post by saying I’m so sad this is the 15th year in a row that I haven’t gotten any secret admirer valentines. Moving on…

Who wants to see a food failure?! WOOHOO!!!!!

One of my mom’s friends has a blog and every week she has her readers make a recipe from a cookbook called The Farmer’s Wife Cookbook. The cookbook has a lot of 20th century recipes that may or may not taste good here in the 21st century. And of course, I picked the recipe that didn’t taste good.I think I should have known it was gonna be disgusting by the fact that the ingredients were unsweetened cocoa, eggs and powdered sugar. That’s it. Little known fact, those happen to also be the ingredients for cardboard.And it looked even grosser spread out.

BUT I got to make whipped cream, which I’ve never made before. It was actually a lot easier than I thought it was going to be.

After you take really cool pictures of yourself while you’re pouring the cream into a bowl, all you have to do is add vanilla and powdered sugar, beat it for a while, and you’re done!

Um, yum. That was the best part of the whole fiasco. Well, that and the chocolate sauce but how can chocolate not be amazing?

So technically this was supposed to be a chocolate roll. Kind of like a cinnamon roll, I guess? And as you can tell from the picture above, it’s far from it. I tried to roll it, got mad, threatened to throw it in the trash, realized I was yelling at food, and then finally just gave up and cut it in half. So it’s more of a chocolate sandwich now… I had my sister be the official taste-tester and I wish I had gotten a picture of her face as she ate it :) When you first bite into it, all you can taste is whipped cream and chocolate and then the bitterness hits you. It tasted like I was eating baking chocolate straight, which I’ve done by the way. I don’t recommend it.  It was disgusting. Revolting. Nasty. I’m running out of adjectives. But you get the jist. If a copy of The Farmer’s Wife Cookbook ever appears in your hands, unless you’re planning on making enemies, do NOT make the Chocolate Roll.

And now it’s time for me to eat my toast and gatorade. Funny how when you’re sick toast seems like God’s gift to this planet. You’re like OH TOAST, why have I neglected you so?! (is anyone else like that? or is that just me…?) I’m pretty sure I profusely thanked my mom when she brought it to me a few minutes ago. At least, I think I did…did I imagine that?  Once again, I hate being sick.


7 thoughts on “It’s been one of those days…

  1. Picco,

    It must be the “dog days” of winter at your place. For not feeling well, you write weller than most people. Hope that you are feeling better soonly.

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  3. “Little known fact, those happen to also be the ingredients for cardboard.” Laughed out loud at that!

    Also, that is a really cool picture. Impressive as you had to have managed it one-handed.

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