Cheesecake Factory mac and cheese. Kinda.

After consuming 80 ounces of Gatorade and 6 pieces of toast, watching too much on-demand Netflix, and sleeping for hours, I am…mostly better. Not to be confused with all better. There’s a big difference between mostly better and all better :) But anyway, I was feeling non-sick enough to make and eat my first actual meal since Sunday night.

My sister likes to be super cultured and order mac and cheese at every restaurant she goes to. Which actually is kind of smart. You really can’t go horribly wrong with cheese and noodles. And her favorite mac and cheese is from The Cheesecake Factory. For those of you who have been deprived of it, Cheesecake Factory mac and cheese is the most AMAZING mac and cheese ever in the history of…umm..mac and cheese. So, naturally I wanted to re-create it. Was I successful? Err, no. Did it taste good? Sure. Is it something I’d make again? *crickets*

Ok maybe I take that back. I’ve never had baked mac and cheese before, so maybe it tasted like it should. But I wasn’t impressed. I googled Cheesecake Factory mac and cheese recipe and clicked on the website that claimed it had the recipe. Um, I don’t remember tasting  tabasco sauce and mustard in the one from Cheesecake Factory. That probably should have been clue number one that it wasn’t going to turn out. I won’t bore you with the details but basically I melted some butter, added flour, blah blah blah, cheese, mix everything together, pour over noodles, stick in pan, add breadcrumbs, bake, the end. The least impressive meal I’ve made in a while. But oh well. Mistakes are opportunities to learn, huh? Mistake-believing the dumb website actually had the recipe I was looking for. What I learned-when you’re recovering from being sick and your brain isn’t quite up to speed, have someone else make dinner.


4 thoughts on “Cheesecake Factory mac and cheese. Kinda.

  1. Picco, Picco,

    Glad to find out that you are well enough to prepare a mac and cheese meal. I would consider making same, but not sure about the blah, blah, blah part. It does look very good in the picture. You can tell your super cultured sinister (I can guess which one it is), that I will be happy to pay for her M&C meal (cheaper than most other entrees) at the restaurant anytime.

    Advice from a fellow Gatorader. I wait until it goes on sale at the grocery store, CVS or Walgreens. The sales are like 5 for $5 or 10 for $10. I never pay more than $1 per 32 fl oz. I drink very little water anymore, just Gatorade. Gatorade was created by a professor at the University of Florida, where the sport teams are called the Gators.

    I agree whole heartedly with your last sentence.

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