Presto French Fry cutter, je t’adore

My mom is a big antique/vintage junkie which I guess, in a way, rubbed off on me.  She’s more of an old stuff junkie and I’m big on vintage clothes. Although, I guess vintage for me is anything made before 1985… She’s been getting some pretty awesome cast iron cooking tools lately. In the past month we’ve acquired a cornbread mold, a biscuit cutter, an apple corer and a french fry cutter.  The french fry cutter’s been my favorite, though. Am I super lazy? Maybe. Ok, yes I am. But as easy as cutting potatoes was before, it’s now that much easier for me! Like the fancy schmancy directions say, just place over potato and push down. I think I love it. I’m going to marry it and become Mrs. Presto French Fry cutter. You’re all invited to the wedding.Our dish for the evening was Linguine with Genoese Pesto. Also known as Linguine al Pesto Genovese. Basically, pasta with pesto, green beans and potatoes. I was dying for a recipe that used potatoes, just so I had an excuse to use my new utensil. The recipe called for 2 potatoes, cut into thin batons. Perfect. The pesto pasta (Ha! Say that three times fast. Ok wait, I just did and it’s not that hard. Never mind.) turned out well. The only major change I’d make to it was to cook the potatoes and green beans for 1-2 minutes before putting the pasta in. Otherwise, you’ll be scooping out the pasta so the still raw veggies can cook more, like I had to. It was fun and I’m pretty sure I got 2nd degree burns from when the food decided to slip off my spoon, and splash back into the pot of  212 °F water. In happier news, I also got to use the food processor. I actually felt like a real chef tonight! Except for the fact that in the process of making dinner, I spilled ground coffee beans all over the floor. And I also left the garlic out, which made the kitchen reek of, well, garlic. Coffee and garlic and pesto. One word:But back to the potato cutter because I love talking about it. :) I seriously had so much fun cutting potatoes that I had to stop myself at just 3 of them. Is that weird? Wait, don’t answer that.

12 thoughts on “Presto French Fry cutter, je t’adore

  1. Picco,

    I guess that you are now an international cook. Apparently, you have added the French way of frying to your Italian way of cooking. BTW There is a Genovese family that is famous for something. It appears that they have found ways to avoid “frying.”

    Since I was born before 1985, I guess I am a Vintage Viking. I am waiting to see the Norwegian flag appear on the FLAG counter shown below.

    • Lucky for you, you’re going to be a bridesmaid! You’ll have to wear a dress made out of potato slices, if that’s ok…

      It was great seeing you too! Excited about the catechism paper due in 2 weeks? ;) I bet mine’ll be stupider.

      • A potato slice dress, thats really um, interesting?!!? That means that Emarshily has to wear a dress made out of meat. HA!

        I think that my catechism paper is gonna win the stupidity award hands down.

        • If by interesting you mean absolutely amazing, then yes. Oh and you have to wear those awesome earrings that you had on Sunday that were like 50 feet long ;) I second Emarshily wearing the meat dress.

          Oooh, how much you wanna bet? I’m thinking of making mine a story…I’ll name one of the characters after you. Only joking :) Maybe…

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  5. Hi, I know it’s been a while since you posted about your french fry cutter but I had to give you another use for the cutter. I have the one my Mom used while I was growing up (in the 50’s) I never use it for potatoes, just don’t do them, but it is great for cutting up eggs for egg salad. Just push the whole egg through & presto all ready for mayo & seasonings!

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