Am I in…Narnia?

Short answer, unfortunately no. Life would be so much more interesting with giant talking lions and Skandar Keynes.

Long answer, I woke up yesterday morning and looked outside to see snow that was 48 feet deep. And the sad part is I’m barely exaggerating. Umm hello, it’s the end of March? Snow is for winter. I don’t know who’s controlling the weather right now, but it’s pretty obvious they’re one fry short of a Happy Meal. And then it snowed more last night! GRRRRR!!!!! Creepiest part, this morning when I went to mass it was all still there, but by the end it had all melted… which kind of made me second guess myself. Did I imagine it all??? AM I LOSING MY MIND!??!! *cough* I’m a psycho *cough*.

And in other random, pointless, boring news, happy Joe Day! No joke, it’s real. Actually it ties in quite well with yesterday’s Get Dumped By Your Unappreciative Girlfriend Day. Inside joke. No, I didn’t get dumped.

I was looking through The Silver Spoon today and I just wasn’t feeling any of the recipes. I love (like L-U-V love) Italian food, but the spoon has a way of making me hate it. For example, tonight I really wanted to hand-make meatballs, since I’ve never done it before. So I was flipping through the cookbook til I found a recipe. This is how my conversation with the cookbook went
Mr. Spoon: Did you want meatballs?
Mr S:Well let me make you un-want them! How about you make them with bits of eggplant in them! Or with lemon. Or with a tasty onion garnish? (The recipe’s actually called Meatballs with a Tasty Onion Garnish. Adding “tasty” before a word doesn’t make me want it anymore…) Now do you still want them?
Me: *blank stare* …Stupid book!

And then it got ugly, so I’m not going to go into anymore detail. Let’s just say books were thrown and feelings were hurt.

Where I was going with this was that I really tried to use a recipe from The Silver Spoon tonight, but I just couldn’t. *sigh* Failure. So I used AllRecipes instead! As you can see from the beautiful meatball at the beginning, I did in fact make spaghetti and meatballs. They were a major success and I was very happy with myself :) I also attempted to make focaccia bread, since I had it at my friend’s house a few days ago and it was beyond amazing. Mine didn’t turn out as great as her mom’s did, but that didn’t stop everyone from eating all of it. And yes, there is chunk taken out of the bread. I honestly couldn’t wait any longer and the camera wasn’t close enough… or I was just hungry and lazy. That too.

Now I’m going to go to sleep. It’s almost 11. I’ve had a long day. Brain shutting…off….zzzzzzz….

I like to pretend I’m British

I have a secret. Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone. it is: I love England. THERE, I said it. Happy???!?! Yes, you heard me right. Not Italy, England. I feel like I’m betraying The Boot, but eh, who cares. I love everything about the UK. Their actors (Christian Bale, Emma Watson, Skandar Keynes etc. You can ask anyone who knows me about my love for Skandar Keynes. His fan site is my homepage…creeper, I know), their accents, their err…flag…ok I’m running out of things I love. But you get my drift. On my list of things I want to do before I die, I have “go to England and Ireland”. Don’t get me wrong, Italy’s on that list too. Somewhere. Actually, my obsession with the UK has gotten so bad that I’m starting to think with a British accent, use their vocabulary and all of my o’s are followed by a u. Only problem is that dumb spell check (or is that bloody spell check?) doesn’t recognize favourite or colour as words. But anyway, where am I going with this….??? Oh yes, last night’s dinner. Guess what I made without even thinking? Fish and chips. :) I was cutting the potatoes (with my super awesome french fry cutter) and I thought “Hey, I’m making chips! Hold up, I’m making fish too! YES!!!!!!!” I had a moment. And I might have done a happy dance that went something like thisI call being Calvin.

Sorry for the not-so-good pictures. I was in a rush to eat :)

I made both the Beer Battered cod and the french fries from recipes I got off of Which is the love of my life, next to Skandar Keynes. I used a gluten-free beer (which I didn’t know they made…) so my sister could eat it. It actually wasn’t too bad. I mean, to me beer is beer soooo yeah…

I made fajitas tonight but I stupidly forgot to take pictures so use your imagination.

Picco Drew and the case of the Phantom Black Eye

The worst part about non-visible pain is that no one can ever tell how bad it is, or even if you’re telling the truth about it. At the moment, I have a black eye. But no ordinary black eye. It’s a phantom black eye. This type of injury has all the pain of a real bruise (and possibly more), but it’s…invisible. I’m not exactly sure what I did, but my left eye is killing me. This fun pain is it’s also making me say cool phrases like “GAH! You made me close my eyes too fast!” and “Look me in the eyes…Does this one look darker to you?”. Everyone in my family is completely scared of me now.

I’ve realized that I haven’t really been cooking from The Silver Spoon lately. Not that I really care. That cookbook was starting to bother me, with its vagueness and disgusting recipes. So I’m think I’m going to take a break from it for a bit. Well, I guess I’m going to officially announce I am taking a sabbatical from the Silver Spoon, since I’ve been taking a break from it for a while now. I am going to move on to more fascinating and non-mind numbing projects. What these projects are, I’m not sure just yet. But I’ll think of something.

Dinner tonight? Meatloaf. Delicious. My mom has an amazing meatloaf recipe that uses ground beef, ketchup, an egg, Worcestershire (which I think is my new favorite word. Sorry “awesome”, you’ve been voted off the island.) sauce, a sauteed onion and oatmeal. As gross as that may sound, it’s amazing. Beyond amazing. So amazing that I used over two pounds of meat and my family inhaled both meatloaves I made in less than 20 minutes.

I’m too lazy to upload my pictures from dinner tonight, so here’s a picture I found that I thought resembles it.

Eh, good enough.

Irrational Fears of Picco:The Musical

Well look who’s back to blogging. That’s right, I am! After an 11 day hiatus, I am indeed back to writing and cooking and doing whatever it is I do with this blog.

To start off my post for today I shall bore you all with my list of irrational fears. First on the list is water. I’m terrified of water. Swimming pools, baths, big murky lakes filled with poisonous animals just waiting for me to come in so they can eat me, you name it. I don’t avoid water like the plague, but I only swim it if I absolutely have to. Next, people. Ok not people themselves, but I hate being the center of attention and when people stare at me. Which I guess has turned into me also being scared of speaking in public. But again, it’s not like I refuse to speak in front of people. I do it a lot and if I ever have to read in class, I willingly do. I just save my hyperventilating for later. I’m also scared of high, open spaces. Not because I’m scared of heights, but because I think I’ll jump off the edge for no reason. And I’m scared of ligers. Ok, anyone think I have serious issues yet??? Oh but wait, there’s more. After a series of reoccurring nightmares I’ve been having lately, I’ve realized that I’m absolutely mortified of singing. In real life, I’m no good at singing. At all. Actually I’m pretty sure that the second I open my mouth to sing, a puppy dies somewhere. And obviously I’m no better at singing in my dreams. The horrible dream I’ve had the last 3 nights in a row is that I wake up in the morning and realize my life has turned into a musical. And I have no clue what songs everyone’s singing. So when it’s my turn to sing, I either just stand there terror-struck or I start to sing and end up screeching and everyone gets mad at me. It’s absolutely horrible. Pretty soon the dream is going to affect me so much I’m going to be scared of falling asleep…oh joy.

All I wanted to eat today was chocolate and peanut butter something-or-other. I got the recipe for Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookies from here and they were…ok. I used my lovely gluten-free bisquick instead of flour and they tasted sort of gritty to me. Well, more gritty than usual since gluten-free anything isn’t exactly the king of smoove tastes. But apparently they tasted good enough, because my sister was making up commercials about  them. And also testimonials of various people who had eaten the cookies and how they had changed their lives. We’re an odd bunch over here. The recipe said that the cookies wouldn’t spread and to place them as close as possible to each other. Umm, excuse me, does this look like not spreading to you?

No. I didn’t think so. One cookie didn’t mush together with the other ones and I got a pretty sweet picture of it, if I do say so myself.

So, what are your irrational fears??? Or am I the only one with them…?

1 day down, 39 gluten-free days to go

So as I sit here, head in hand, possibly smudging the ashes still on my forehead, I’m completely uninspired to write. So, I’m going to keep this short and sweet because I can’t think of anything. And I want to go watch Robin Hood. Yes, the animated Disney version. Why? Not sure… and on that note, are you sure you want to keep reading????

First off, how’s your Lent going so far?? I’ve already failed. I caved and had a piece of pizza for lunch. And dinner. I’M SORRY!!!! I’m trying to give up wheat to support my sister. Obviously, it’s not going so well.  But a batch of wheat-free lemon bars just got out of the oven and they’re pretty darn amazing. A bit dry, but it still tasted good enough for my sister to eat almost 1/2 of it :)It’s so hard not eating wheat. I really feel sorry for everyone with Celiac. But since I’m constantly thinking about food, right now I’m starting to think about what I’m going to have for breakfast tomorrow. Cereal? Nope. Waffles? Nuh uh. Eggs? Blech. I guess I’m just going to have to eat oatmeal. Isn’t what they feed people in prison? I’m starting to feel like an inmate. Well, this is going to be one loooooong Lent…