Hello, I am a Procrastinator.

You know what I love? Reading about Darwin. Ok not really, but I’m amazed I don’t after reading almost the entire Origin of Species. You know what else I love? Writing a 1200 word essay about Evolution vs. Creationism. You know what ELSE I love? Napoleon Dynamite. But that’s beside the point. Point is, I finished the paper on Evolution that’s due on Wednesday EARLY! I spent my entire Saturday working on it, but it’s done! *takes bow* Thank you, thank you. You have no idea how accomplished that is for me. My entire life is made up of me being rushed and stressed because I wait until the last minute for everything. Good way to go through life…hmmm… but anyway I’m so proud of myself :) I celebrated today by making sweet and sour chicken with pineapple and green peppers.

We recently found out that my sister has Celiac Disease. So now that she can’t have gluten, that’s kinda throwing a wrench into my whole Silver Spoons plans. I’m trying to decide whether I should adapt the recipes in the Silver Spoon so she can eat what I make, or if I should just change from The Silver Spoon to a gluten-free cookbook. I’ve been thinking about it a lot and I’m not sure what to do. Oh yeah, on top of being a procrastinator I’m indecisive. I can’t decide. I keep on looking from left to right. *sigh* This is what happens when too much Justin Bieber gets played at my house, thank you 11 year old sister. I’m just gonna stop talking…BUT WAIT! I can’t stop talking (muahhaha…) because I need to tell you all about the amazing food I made tonight! So one of my all-time favorite recipes to make is Sweet and Sour chicken. I always have a nervous breakdown in the process of making it, but it usually turns out. It’s the dumb chicken that makes me crazy. You have to coat it in batter and then fry it in oil (YUM), but it takes sooooo long that I usually just start attacking it with a spatula. So hypothetically, the little chicken pieces would be pretty but they always turn out not so good looking absolutely hideous and gross looking. But they taste amazing, if I do say so myself. My favorite part of the whole bit is always dying the sweet and sour sauce. It’s usually either too pink or too yellow, but today it was a color I’m pretty sure not found anywhere in nature. Or on the entire Earth, for that matter. But it was still delectable (look at me! using big words…). The only change I made to make this edible for the lovely gluten-intolerant people in my life was to use Bisquick gluten-free mix in place of regular flour. The gluten-free flour usually makes whatever you use it in taste a little off, but you couldn’t even tell with this recipe. I might type up the recipe later, but I’m worn out. And full. And tired. And I don’t even have any good skills…


10 thoughts on “Hello, I am a Procrastinator.

  1. Speaking of procrastination, the paper is due tomorrow, and I have written 600 words and I can’t think of another word to write about evolution! :(

    P.S. Vote for Pedro!

  2. The sauce and chicken looks wonderful! If you
    didn’t use the chicken I brought I hope you froze

    As to the paper you wrote,was it a survey of the
    literature or did you have a thesis? I would love
    to read it, please email me.

    See you in the A and M. Mimi

    • Thanks! Nope, we ate the chicken for lunch today ;)

      No, it was more of a paper defending Creationism against Evolutionism. I kind of turned into of a short story….I can still email it to you, if you want. Or I’ll just show you tomorrow morning.

  3. Picco.

    Great news!!! Your latest post has convinced me you are not an amateur, but a pro. One would think that I am referring to your cooking skills. However, in this case, I am referring to crastination. You are a Pro-crastinator (very good at delay, delay) and not just an amateur one.

    My take on Charles D. He is not a Dar-win, but rather a Dar-lost.

    It appears that your Pro-fessional cooking skills will be put to the test in terms of preparing a glut of non-glut-enous food.

    BTW Your S & S chicken does look delicious.

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