1 day down, 39 gluten-free days to go

So as I sit here, head in hand, possibly smudging the ashes still on my forehead, I’m completely uninspired to write. So, I’m going to keep this short and sweet because I can’t think of anything. And I want to go watch Robin Hood. Yes, the animated Disney version. Why? Not sure… and on that note, are you sure you want to keep reading????

First off, how’s your Lent going so far?? I’ve already failed. I caved and had a piece of pizza for lunch. And dinner. I’M SORRY!!!! I’m trying to give up wheat to support my sister. Obviously, it’s not going so well.  But a batch of wheat-free lemon bars just got out of the oven and they’re pretty darn amazing. A bit dry, but it still tasted good enough for my sister to eat almost 1/2 of it :)It’s so hard not eating wheat. I really feel sorry for everyone with Celiac. But since I’m constantly thinking about food, right now I’m starting to think about what I’m going to have for breakfast tomorrow. Cereal? Nope. Waffles? Nuh uh. Eggs? Blech. I guess I’m just going to have to eat oatmeal. Isn’t what they feed people in prison? I’m starting to feel like an inmate. Well, this is going to be one loooooong Lent…



6 thoughts on “1 day down, 39 gluten-free days to go

  1. Hello Picco,

    I emailed your mother the name of a blogger who has some fantastic gluten-free recipes but I’m not sure if she received it. I just happened to come across a muffin recipe and pancake recipe from there that both looked delicious. The site is: Gluten Free Girl.

    Also, I went on a gluten-free diet two years ago. I would eat millet flour pancakes and pizza and replaced my brown rice with quinoa. It actually tasted pretty good. So before offering up the gluten-ridden flours, maybe try and make sure to stock up on gluten-free flours. It might help. ;-)

    ♥ Lady M

    • I LOVE Gluten Free Girl!!!! I look at her blog almost as much as I look at yours…*ehem*…

      We’re pretty well stocked with Gluten-free Bisquick, but I go through it fast and it’s $4 a box :( So I’m definitely open to other non-disgusting gluten free flours! I’ll try the millet stuff and let you know how it goes :)

  2. My sweet Miss Picco,

    It’s been a week and we haven’t heard hide or hare from you. And I’m not exactly sure what the whole “hide or hare” thing means but it sounded good, no? Also, I’ve been stirring up trouble over at your mother’s blog so I think I better hide out here for a while. They don’t even like my smileys! :-( Hope you and the other kiddos are doing well and are having a holy and peaceful lent. I was going to say a “strong lent” (for strength to endure) but that just sounded strange so I stuck with “holy and peaceful.” ;-) Oops! There I go again!

    ♥ Lady M

    • Mrs. Modesty,

      I know, I’ve been such a bad blogger. But it’s hard to be funny when I really don’t feel like it… So once I feel a little better (or when I at least can pretend I feel better), I’ll be back to blogging as usual. Oh and for the record, I LOVE your smiley faces! :) (Or should I say :-) ?)

      P.S., I’m supposed to tell you that my mom thinks you’re awesome. Awkward, much…??? ;)

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