Am I in…Narnia?

Short answer, unfortunately no. Life would be so much more interesting with giant talking lions and Skandar Keynes.

Long answer, I woke up yesterday morning and looked outside to see snow that was 48 feet deep. And the sad part is I’m barely exaggerating. Umm hello, it’s the end of March? Snow is for winter. I don’t know who’s controlling the weather right now, but it’s pretty obvious they’re one fry short of a Happy Meal. And then it snowed more last night! GRRRRR!!!!! Creepiest part, this morning when I went to mass it was all still there, but by the end it had all melted… which kind of made me second guess myself. Did I imagine it all??? AM I LOSING MY MIND!??!! *cough* I’m a psycho *cough*.

And in other random, pointless, boring news, happy Joe Day! No joke, it’s real. Actually it ties in quite well with yesterday’s Get Dumped By Your Unappreciative Girlfriend Day. Inside joke. No, I didn’t get dumped.

I was looking through The Silver Spoon today and I just wasn’t feeling any of the recipes. I love (like L-U-V love) Italian food, but the spoon has a way of making me hate it. For example, tonight I really wanted to hand-make meatballs, since I’ve never done it before. So I was flipping through the cookbook til I found a recipe. This is how my conversation with the cookbook went
Mr. Spoon: Did you want meatballs?
Mr S:Well let me make you un-want them! How about you make them with bits of eggplant in them! Or with lemon. Or with a tasty onion garnish? (The recipe’s actually called Meatballs with a Tasty Onion Garnish. Adding “tasty” before a word doesn’t make me want it anymore…) Now do you still want them?
Me: *blank stare* …Stupid book!

And then it got ugly, so I’m not going to go into anymore detail. Let’s just say books were thrown and feelings were hurt.

Where I was going with this was that I really tried to use a recipe from The Silver Spoon tonight, but I just couldn’t. *sigh* Failure. So I used AllRecipes instead! As you can see from the beautiful meatball at the beginning, I did in fact make spaghetti and meatballs. They were a major success and I was very happy with myself :) I also attempted to make focaccia bread, since I had it at my friend’s house a few days ago and it was beyond amazing. Mine didn’t turn out as great as her mom’s did, but that didn’t stop everyone from eating all of it. And yes, there is chunk taken out of the bread. I honestly couldn’t wait any longer and the camera wasn’t close enough… or I was just hungry and lazy. That too.

Now I’m going to go to sleep. It’s almost 11. I’ve had a long day. Brain shutting…off….zzzzzzz….


5 thoughts on “Am I in…Narnia?

  1. WOW! The latest installment of the Chronicles of Picco is most likely one of her best. Regarding the food—That is a one a good a lookin a meataballa. Pardon my Italian.

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