I dream of Jeannie and food. Mainly food.

This is an air freshener. This might possibly be the wost picture taken in the history of bad pictures, but I wasn’t in a photograph-y mood. It is currently in my room on top of the dresser that I didn’t bother clearing off for the picture. But this air freshener is no ordinary air freshener, no sir. Not only does it have its own website where you can design a cover for it (guess who this is?), it also smells like a smell not in nature. It’s supposed to be raspberry scented, but it’s more like melted plastic. But the best part about it? It makes me have really odd dreams about food that I forget as soon as I wake up. I guess those are better than having dreams about the death penalty, which I’ve been having too. My homeschool group had a huge debate about the death penalty last week. It was so big that people in the other homeschool group even started talking about (oh the excitement that goes on when you’re homeschooled…). Why am I telling you this? Because there’s seriously nothing exciting going on in my life to talk about.

So between the debate, the weird dreams about food and sentencing people I don’t like to death, and preparing for 2 huge piano recitals I have coming up, I’ve been pretty busy. Too busy to blog, but never to busy to make/eat food :)

Let’s take a look at some of the things I’ve made lately, shall we?

This is a gluten free crumb cake that was amazing. I got it out of a…umm…gluten free recipe book. I’m not good at remembering names and I’m not in the mood to go find the book. So let’s just call it My New Favorite Cookbook. It’s pretty awesome. Instead of using gritty gross non-wheat flour, this lovely book told me to use a combination of potato starch, tapioca flour and…some other flour. Gah, I can’t remember anything today!! I’m sorry. Epic fail. Anyway, I made this cake at 10pm last friday night and it was gone by noon the next day. I ate most of it…This is cornbread. Again, I got the recipe from the cookbook whose name is now no longer in my brain. I was RREAALLLLYYYY craving cornbread and baked beans. I was so excited to make these, I almost put on my cowboy boots :) But I restrained myself, since I had already gotten a lot of weird looks when I excitedly went up to everyone saying I’M MAKING COWBOY FOOD!!!!  And here’s an out of focus picture of fajitas. There’s really no story behind these. *ehem* Moving on…I made brownies out of some Bob’s Red Mill brownie mix. Super easy and they were awesome. Unfortunately, I either didn’t take a picture of them or I didn’t upload the picture to my computer, because I can’t find it. I had to resort to drawing a picture of it. There are so many things wrong with this picture: in real life, I don’t really have jaundice, my hair isn’t that dreadlock-y, I don’t own a cool purple shirt, my arm doesn’t look like a flipper, my glasses are much cooler than that, I do in fact own pants that aren’t 6 inches too short etc. I could go on for a while. Is it obvious I wasn’t graced with artistic skills like the rest of my family was? Oh well. I have other skills. *I’m refraining myself from quoting Napoleon Dynamite right now.*

So yeah…on that note, the end.


19 thoughts on “I dream of Jeannie and food. Mainly food.

  1. Well look who has returned from Narnia, which I believe is a town in Northern Italy. Picco, Picco—how nice to have you back. Here are few of my obverse observations based on your latest episodic epistle:

    You are much to young to be familiar with my second favorite tune (you know my favorite) of all time, ” I Dream of Jeannie (with the light brown hair).” Oh, maybe you were referring to a TV program.

    The selection of books on a bookshelf can sometimes tell a lot about a person. Yours is very eclectic—Batman, Dynomite, Duvall and Converse. I will not hazard a guess as to who is there to freshen your air.

    I kinda get a hint as to which side of the death penalty you might be on.

    Speaking of cowboy boots; have you ever made Cowboy Coffee Cake? You might ask your Dad about that treat.

    I will be happy to buy you a Cool Purple (my second favorite color) shirt if you so desire. Just let me know your size.

    I look forward to watching you on You Tube—doing your thing during one or both of your HUGE piano recitals.

    • I dream of Jeannie is a song? I didn’t know that :) I was referring to the tv show from 5 bazillion years ago (the ’60s…)

      Very true. Unfortunately you’ll have to judge me on my dvds and not my books. And as you can tell from my movies, I have very random taste.

      Actually, I was against the death penalty! I had to give the closing argument for the team which, somehow, I pulled off and made it sound semi-normal. Not sure how that happened, but my team ended up winning so I was happy :)

      I would love a purple shirt :) Purple is my first favorite color, closely followed by blue, dark purple, dark blue, indigo, purple, purple and light blue. Adult medium. You know where I live.

    • Ok I got off my lazy bum and found the cookbook :) It’s called Gluten-Free Baking Classics by Annalise G. Roberts. The flours they had me use were 2 parts brown rice flour, 2/3 parts potato starch and 1/3 part tapioca flour.

  2. Okay, this is too weird! It’s my first time commenting without my “label.” I couldn’t even come up with a cool nickname other than my real name so I just shortened it. I know, so original!

    So here I thought you and I were boycotting the blogging world together. Well, since you’re back, I’m back . . . to commenting that is. ;-)

    It’s so good to “see” Grampy as well! Hello Grampy!
    Ah! I miss the old days.

    As for your food photos . . . keep’em comin’!

  3. So Miss Picco is finally back from Narnia! Kind of ironic that your last post was called “Am I in Narnia” and then you disappeared. Gasp!

      • Gracias :)

        Oh yeah….umm…by the way, I’m not going to the conference tonight…? How was it anyway, besides totally boring since I wasn’t there? Was the pizza good? That was my favorite part last year ;)

  4. That fajita photo is beautiful… not out of focus. The little bits in front are in focus and it’s quite artsy, actually. Am I allowed to leave photos as a commenter?

    • Awwww, thanks! Hmm….I’m not sure if you can leave pictures… But you can email them to me and I can put them up…? Cool Aunt said she wanted to do a guest post so maybe I can do something like that for you? :)

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