Not a dwarf & rainbow salad, but eh, close enough

There’s a place here in St. Louis we like to call Heaven On Earth. Ok, it’s actually called St. Louis Bread Company (also known as Panera Bread in places not as cool as St. Louis). I made up the heaven part. But it’s seriously amazing. So amazing that I might possibly get married at one of them. I shall wed the Presto French Fry cutter and you’re all invited. Oh wait, someone already stole my idea. But anyway, I love that place. You walk in and it’s almost as if the pumpkin muffies and broccoli cheddar soup are calling out to you I’m yummy!!!!

And now that I’ve just written about absolutely nothing, here’s the part of the post where I talk about the food I devoured.

At Bread Co., there’s this magical dish called Asian Sesame Chicken salad. It is the only salad in the world I can eat without getting grossed out. No lie. I’m a weirdly picky eater…  But the other day my mom and I went to the store and guess what I saw?

BOOM. Asian Sesame dressing. I’m pretty sure when I first saw it, I looked like this.Ok, I didn’t look like that at all. Sorry. I didn’t know the dressing was actually sold in stores, since it’s such a wonderful food. I’m pretty sure I could chug this stuff by the bottle. Ok, not really, but almost! Funny thing is that my finding of it was preceded by this conversation.

Me: Mom…?
Mom: Yes…? *can already see, using her magical Mom powers, where this conversation is going*
Me: I’m always so hungry.
Mom: That’s nice. *suddenly becomes fascinated by the produce*
Me: Well….., what should I do so I don’t eat 24/7?
Mom: *obviously trying to avoid me at this point* I don’t know, eat salad or something.
Me: Seriously. (It wasn’t even phrased as a question)
Mom: Yes. Go get some lettuce.
Me: But salad is so boring.
Mom: Then get fun stuff to put in it.
Me: Like what, dwarfs and rainbows?!?!
Mom: *thinks that she’s raised a lunatic as a daughter* Um, sure.

And that’s about when I found the salad dressing. Great story, I know. I’ll spare you all and never tell it again.

But look at the pretty salad I made!!!!

It’s alright, you may stare at it. Feel free to bask in its glow…

This is a super easy salad and scary delicious. The only ingredients I added were Romaine lettuce (at least, I’m pretty sure it was Romaine… all I know is that it was green and leafy.), grilled chicken, cilantro, chow mein noodles and the dressing. Didn’t taste as great as the real one, but it still was the best salad. Ever.


5 thoughts on “Not a dwarf & rainbow salad, but eh, close enough

  1. SALAD DAZE!!!

    I can tell you are dazzled by the Romaine Lettuce Salad at the St. Louis Bread Co. Lettuce go back to see where this all began. First of all, romaine lettuce did not originate in Romania. A somewhat reliable source states the it was created on the Aegean Island of Cos. It makes more sense to me that it really came from Italy—Roman and Romaine sound somewhat similar. Another somewhat reliable source (the company website) states that Panera Bread Co. was started in St. Louis. It makes more sense to me that is was started in Italy—Padua and Panera sound somewhat similar. However, assuming that PBC (not the pipe) was started in STL, I guess that the powers that be did not want other localities to use the name of the coolest American city west of the Missisloppy.

  2. I LOVE Panera! Funny story about St. Louis Bread Co… when we were in St Louis for our anniversary we wanted Panera and we had looked it up online and found one close to our hotel. We went and couldn’t find it anywhere. After 30 minutes of walking around we finally decided they must’ve gone out of business and instead went into “St Louis Bread Co” which was in the same area… pssh! Same area?? SAME PLACE! Haha! We had no idea. Anyway, that was a fun learning experience. ;)

    • Same here! I figured everyone called it Bread Company. When we went to visit some friends in Illinois we went to a Panera to eat. I was seriously confused why they had the same food as St. Louis Bread Co. but it was a completely different place. And then duh. Same restaurant, different names. I had a moment… :)

  3. Wow! Well, I guess St. Louis IS one of the coolest American cities—if that’s where Panera Bread started!! I wonder when it started and if I’ve ever been to St. Louis Bread Co?? My Dad grew up there and we visited my grandparents every summer while I was growing up. Ah yes, very WARM memories of St. Louis–er, hot and humid to be exact! But that’s OK, Bishop McNicholas always found time to take us out to ice cream. How about some homemade ice cream picco?

    • It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity, right? ;) But yes, St. Louis does get vveerrryyy hot. If you ever come back and visit, I’d recommend coming in mid-September or early October. That’s usually the only time we don’t have tornadoes or blizzards or torrential downpours or droughts or plagues of locusts….

      Actually, I *have* made ice cream! Here’s the link, if you want it…. :)
      Actually thanks for reminding me. I still have the ice cream I made in the freezer….hmm…it’s only, what, 4 months old? I worry about myself sometimes…

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