First rule of having a blog is, you don’t talk about having a blog

It’s funny how having a dog can sort of force you to be sociable. And by funny I mean slightly annoying. I was taking my dog for a walk this past weekend and I had totally spaced that my entire neighborhood was having a gigantic yard sale that day. So everyone was outside and I pretty much had to stop and talk to all of them. Since I’m the anti-social person that I am, I hadn’t talked to a few of them in a while (including my best friend from when I was little. Talk about awkward….). Of course, the first thing all of them say is “So, what’s going on in your life?” I’d love to say “Well, I have a pretty awesome cooking blog and get sometimes hundreds of different people looking at it each day and I have 11 subscribers (my own mother isn’t even subscribed…) and yesterday someone from 4,000 miles away in Finland found my blog by googling ‘Pretend I’m a cow and save me’!” But how do I say that without sounding like a total weirdo? Well, more of a weirdo than I already am. So I went with the super interesting response, “eh, not much.” And they said “Wow, you’re boring”. Ok they didn’t, but I could tell they were thinking it.

For my lovely readers that do have a blog, how do you talk about it? Or do you? And for those of you who don’t have a blog…um…do you have any plans for summer? Or winter, if you live in the Southern Hemisphere like the person from South Africa who found my blog by googling gold piranhas. Hmm…I’ll stop now…

Since my mom still hasn’t been feeling great, some of her lovely friends have been bringing us dinners. Which means I’m cooking even less than I already was. Which is hard to do, since I wasn’t cooking before and now I’m cooking less than nothing. So there’s really not much to blog about. I might put up a post about the super awesome 1960’s dress I made, WITH MY BARE HANDS. Oh yeah. Super awesome. Or I might not. I’m not sure how to write about it without boring people to tears. But once my mom’s better I’ll get back into cooking because, my gosh, I’m bored :/ <—that’s my bored face, in case you couldn’t tell.


24 thoughts on “First rule of having a blog is, you don’t talk about having a blog

  1. I don’t really talk much about my blog either. A lot of my friends and family are aware that I have one, but it pretty much ends there. I’m not sure why it’s such a difficult topic to talk about either…

  2. I hate that. I never talked about blogging. I just do. Writers waste my time about how much they hate blogging and didn’t know what it was. That tells me they don’t have no other subjects to offer.

  3. Picco, Picco,

    It’s a dog’s life, huh, kiddo!!! I see that you and I are in the same group—the anti-socialites. I guess we follow that old adage—speak only when spoken to. And even then it can sometimes be difficult. BTW I do not have a blog, so I guess that you are more social than me. Unless something comes up, my summer plans were over during the month of May (when I flew out to attend my nephew’s HS graduation in the Midwest).

    Glad to find out that your Blogoshpere contains 11 subscribers. I think I am an official subscriber, but was surprised to find out that your mother is not. She must have a special dispensation in order for her to respond to your blogs. Was hoping to see a picture of that 1960’s dress that you had made.

    Neat that you got a communication from some in Finland. I still do not see a Norwegian flag on the Spoonatics Flag Counter. Keep on bloggin!!!

    • Ahhh, glad to see there’s someone else to join the anti-social club I have. It’s a fun club :)

      I’m surprised my mom hasn’t subscribed either, although she does read every post. Eventually.

  4. How is my summer? Honestly, it doesn’t exist. Once I’m done with school and stuff I’ll let you know. :)

    P.S. Sugar Mommy, get well soon!

  5. Haha! I don’t mind sharing my blog one bit. The whole purpose of it was to make sharing recipes easier for my mom/sisters/girlfriends so when someone asks me for a recipe I tell them that they can find it on my blog and give them the web address. So pretty much everyone I’m friends with knows I have the blog and they frequently tell me that they’ve been on my blog looking for a recipe for so-and-so or whatever. I understand not wanting to share it too, though. :)

  6. [YOUR NAME HERE] <–I was totally going to put your name there & then i was like, ooh wait, maybe she doesn't like people knowing her name or something–So brackets.

    I love your blog! It's so funny and quirky :) Epic homeschool power right there! I can't wait to see what else you post.
    As to your question….i don't ever talk about my blog, mostly because it's completely lame, BUT if it were totes cool like yours I would maybe tell selected people about it. lol.

    • Haha :) Well, I like to keep my blog as mysterious as possible….muahhahaha….

      Thanks! It’s so weird that people keep finding out about it, since I really haven’t told anyone. I was like WOAH. Marie’s reading my blog. No way. Weird.

      Ummm, hello, YOU have a blog?! Why aren’t you talking about it 24/7? You’re the kind of person who can totally pull of saying “hey, I’m Marie. Oh and by the way, check out my totally amazingly awesome blog. Do it. Now.” and it not sound freakish….right?

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