Newsies-the Disney movie that everyone forgot about

Because my mom is still sick, I’ve been pretty much running the show over here. My dad has stayed at home the past few days, which has really helped, but you can only do so much laundry for so long before it starts seriously affecting you. It’s invading my dreams and I’m having nightmares about clothes. And $7000 dinners. But that part might just be from me being weird.

Today’s been especially hard. I’ve kind of been in a fog all day and it’s pretty hard to do several loads of dishes when 1) they’re annoying in the first place and 2) I keep zoning out. But somehow I made it through the day. Barely. The only thing that kept my spirits up was when I plugged in my ipod and remembered I had changed its name to The Titanic, so when it transferred songs it said it was syncing the Titanic :) Get it? Syncing? Sinking? And yes, I came up with that all by myself. I was impressed with how clever I was until I googled it and realized I wasn’t the first person to think of it…But now I’m going to watch Newsies. What is this movie you ask? Um, hello, only the most amazing movie. Ever. On the planet. It’s one of the few movies I can watch constantly (I’ve easily watched it 40+ times by now) and never get sick of. You probably haven’t heard about it because it was nominated for 5 Razzie awards (Razzies are like the Oscars, but they’re for stupid movies…) and it had budget of $15 million, but only made $2 million in theaters. It’s also the movie that made Christian Bale hate singing. Pretty horrible. But it’s an amazing movie, trust me. And it’s a musical, which makes it that much more amazing.

I hope your Friday was a little more fun than mine was. Anyone have any exciting or lame plans for the weekend/Father’s Day?


13 thoughts on “Newsies-the Disney movie that everyone forgot about

  1. Picco,

    I went to the website of my public library and found out that it has Newsies in its collection. I placed a hold on it and, to my great surprise, I am first in line. One ad for the Newsies states the following: A thousand voices, a single dream. From you I am getting the following: A single voice, a thousand dreams. I only hope that while I am watching the Newsies, I do not get the Snoozies. However, it has a Scandinavian female (Ann-Margret) in it, which will probably help keep me awake.

    I am In-Sync with you regarding dishes In-Sink—very vexing. Now what about those $7,000 dinners???

    • I’m glad you’re going to watch it :) Just a warning: it’s not for everyone. It’s *the* movie that I show all of my friends and so far only 1 of them has liked it…

      If Ann-Margret does anything for the movie, it’s kill it. The songs they gave her to sing are dumb and I’m not really sure what purpose she’s supposed to serve…but maybe that’s just because I’ve watched it so many times that her parts are boring compared to the rest of the movie :)

      Enjoy! Let me know what you think after you watch it. I won’t be offended if you hate it. I’ve learned to deal with the criticism that goes along with it…

  2. How about a 7,000 Afghani dinner? I could take you out for that, Piccola. I’m sorry you are having to do all of those dishes and laundry, but very proud of you for taking over “Mommying” while yo mama is so sick. Please give her extra kisses and love for me.

  3. p.s. “Afghani” is the name of the currency in Afghanistan. Roughly 46 Afghani=1 US Dollar, so the joke is that I would take you out for a $150 dinner. Anything from Afghanistan is “Afghan” – like the blankets (called so because they are Afghan blankets).

    We can have the dinner in Washington, DC when I drive you and your sister out here. :)

  4. Over here at our house we love that movie. Now that is one musical I would love to direct. I have all kinds of ideas floating around in my head for “Newsies”

    Doing a great job helping your ma and family out. I did the samething at your age, many, many, moons ago.

    God bless

    • I’m a HUGE Bale fan. Only annoying part is he’s in movies I wouldn’t watch on my own, like Little Women and Swing Kids. But I’ve still endured them. Just for him. That’s a dedicated fan ;)

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