Don’t rain on my parade. Literally.

Before you ask, no, I didn’t forget about my lovely blog and my even more lovely readers (although I’m not even sure what the point of this blog is anymore…hmmm…).Every time I want to write something, I can never think of anything that is funny and/or won’t bore everyone to tears. So here I am. Possibly boring you to tears, but oh well. It’s not my fault you’re still reading… ;)

For the past couple of days, there’s been a huge fair thingie in downtown St. Louis. There’s been food and parades and food and air shows and concerts and food and more food. Pretty awesome, huh? But wait, it gets better. And no, shockingly, the better-ness doesn’t involve food. Tonight at 8pm, Maroon 5 was playing. MAROON 5. AWESOME BAND. FREE CONCERT. ADAM LEVINE. LISTENING TO MUSIC WHILE EATING FOOD. Ok, maybe food is slightly involved.

Maroon 5 is one of my favorite bands ever, but there were a few problems. 1) it was like a gajillion degrees outside. And I’m barely exaggerating. 2) I wasn’t in a leave-the-house kind of mood. 3) I’m pretty sure the only person I know who knows and likes Maroon 5 is my friend Muriel. Unfortunately, this friend just so happens to be at a camp in Ecuador right now, 4000 miles away.  And since I’m pretty sure neither of my parents would really have wanted to go, I didn’t go. Oh yeah, and 4), it was raining like there’s no tomorrow. Seriously, I almost thought it was God flooding the earth all over again. So instead of leaving the house, getting rained on and being surrounded by hundreds of annoying people, I finished redoing my room!

I’ll put up more pictures tomorrow, but I just wanted to show you the lyrics I stenciled above my bed.  Long story short, I couldn’t just paint over the stencils. I had to pencil in the letters and then HAND PAINT THEM. BY HAND. Wow, I’m in a caps lock mood today….  anyway, point of the story is it took me hours to do. But it looks pretty cool, no?These lyrics are the chorus of my favorite song in the entire world-On The Brightside by Never Shout Never. It’s one of those songs that I could (and usually do) put on repeat and just listen to forever. And it’s a good self esteem booster. And heaven knows I could use more self-esteem….

Once they were done and I stepped back to admire my handy work, I noticed they were a little lopsided. But hey, I’m a little lopsided too. I..uhh…wanted my artwork to reflect my personality…yeah…something like that. OR, I was too lazy to draw a straight line and follow it, so my lines would be normal-looking. Eh. I’ve heard it both ways.


9 thoughts on “Don’t rain on my parade. Literally.

  1. Such great talent and artistry. Really nice! Just continue what you do best.
    I think it would be better to put an image or something about you, perhaps a pic of you in your art work to make it more unique in its sense and creative for others that haven’t yet come to see.

  2. After reading your latest blog, I am not sure if I should address you as Picco any more. Anyway, I am intrigued by your very neatly stenciled lyrics of your very favorite part of a very favorite song of yours. There are some deep thoughts there that I will ruminate upon. I am over my depth whenever I would try to comment on your favorite musicians, most of which are not familiar to me. However, I went to the website of Never Should Never (per your blog) and. interestingly, came up with Never Shout Never. It appears that NSN consists of one guy who hails from Missouri and composes some very neat lyrics. I also went to the website of Maroon 5 (headed by Adam Levine) and found out that they will be appearing in the town where you father and I used to live. The Maroon (Almost Purple) 5 will be in VA Beach on August 3 (my favorite number). If you had lived there, I would have considered obtaining a VIP ticket for you. I tried to determine how much the VIP tickets would cost, but was not able to. Hope that the temperature becomes more moderate and the rain ceases to fall, so that you and your family will be able to celebrate the Fourth of July outside.

    • Never Shout Never (Christofer Drew) is from Joplin, MO, which makes him that much more amazing :) But I’m not a huge fan of his new stuff :(

      It was pretty nice outside yesterday, so my dad barbequed. But typical St. Louis weather made it *just* too hot to eat outside…

  3. Dear Piccola, So sorry you couldn’t hear your band…
    I’m still loving your blog. Keep it up, you put a smile
    in my day. Mimi

  4. ADAM LEVINE = THE DEFINITION OF SEXY. I love Maroon 5! I was going to go there too, but it was cancelled because of all the rain, so you didn’t miss any of the awesome marooness.

  5. i agree. it would be nice to see Adam up close…we’ll have more chances. find out when they are coming to the big apple and we can paint the town!

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