My big fat Greek meatball

Guess where I went the other day? And no, it wasn’t Narnia. The gym! *this is the part where you get really, super impressed*. Yes, the actual gym. The place of exercise. I know, I was pretty shocked too. And you want to know what’s even more impressive? The fact that I ran 2 miles and walked 1. And when I say “ran”, I use that term very loosely. My mile is 14:54. Is that totally lame? Yes. Do I care? Nope. But I really do feel sorry for the poor guy on the treadmill next to me who had to endure my flailing limbs, beet-red face and overall out-of-shape-ness. I was so out of it afterwards, when I went to the front desk to sign up for classes…it didn’t go too well. Actually, considering how quiet I can be and how I have to usually think of what I’m going to say before I say it, it went pretty well. I tried to say “Hi, can I sign up for some classes?”, but it came out ASDF;LKJS9238&#hWimR(3oiDej@#904$9. No seriously, I’m pretty sure I was using numbers and such. Finally, after much stuttering and general stupidness, I got the point across that I wanted to start up the kickboxing class again. Somehow. It was all a daze. The woman asked me for my first name and it took me a second to think of it. Anyway. Moral of the story? I can’t check “get social skills” off my list of things to do quite yet.

And now for a random change of subject, brought to you today by Piccola Italiana, the letter D and food.Ever since I first watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding a few weeks ago,  I’ve been craving Greek food. Falafel, baklava, anything. We were supposed to get gyros for lunch today, but I don’t really know what happened to that plan… so the other day, I decided to ditch Italian food and make Greek meatballs with tzatziki sauce (I’m still not entirely sure how to pronounce that. Tazeekee? Oh well. Moving on.). And they were kind of amazing. And by kind of I mean TOTALLY.I love meat. Really, I do. But meat doesn’t quite love me back. No matter how long I cook it, it will still be uncooked in the middle. These meatballs were almost dried up and burnt and were still pink on the inside. Needless to say, I was angry. But I quickly got over my anger and the meatballs and I made up. We are very close friends now. Well, we were- until I ate pretty much all of them. Kind of put an awkward strain on our friendship.

After reading 10+ Greek meatball recipes, I combined all the good parts from them and improvised the recipe. Same goes for the tzatziki sauce. Although it’s kind of hard to mess with a recipe that is almost universally yogurt, cucumbers and herbs…

Greek Meatballs

1 pound ground beef (if you’re going to be “legitimate”, use lamb. But since I shockingly didn’t have any lamb handy, I used beef. And if you’re going to be healthy, use ground turkey. So many options…)
1/4 onion, minced
1-2 cloves minced garlic
1 teaspoon fresh cilantro
Dash salt & pepper
2 teaspoons olive oil

Mix all ingredients except olive oil until well combined. Form 12-ish meatballs from mixture. Heat olive oil in large skillet over medium-high heat. Sear meatballs on all sides, then reduce heat to medium and cover skillet. Continue to cook until meatballs are cooked through and centers are no longer pink. If you’re like me, it might take a while/they’ll never be totally cooked.

Tzatziki Sauce

8 oz. plain Greek yogurt
1/2 medium cucumber, peeled, seeded, and finely chopped
1 clove garlic, minced
1/2 teaspoon fresh cilantro, chopped
Dash salt

Combine all ingredients and serve with meatballs.

5 thoughts on “My big fat Greek meatball

  1. PIcco,

    My definition of a great cook is one who does not necessarily follow a recipe. So, I believe you are on your way to becoming a great cook, as those meatballs do look delicious.

    Glad to find out that you are back working out in the gym. You may not have known this, but some years ago your mother and I played racquetball at a local STL gym. Now, if the gym in question has at least one Rball court, I would be happy to send you my spare racquet. Of course, it is more fun when there is another player involved, so you would need to find someone to play with. Just another far out thought from far away.

  2. Mmm… those are some yummy-lookin’ meatballs. :)

    Ari’s Greek Restaurant on Hampton has really amazing Greek food. I love love LOVE their gyros. Plus I think they have pizza and stuff if you absolutely hate Greek food (like my crazy siblings). :)

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