Marooned on desert island? No worries! There will be gummy worms.

First off, who likes the new set up of the blog? No honestly, who likes it? I can take criticism. Usually. Anyone….??? Don’t make me take a survey…… you leave me no choice. That’s it. I am setting up a poll. Partially because I’ve been looking for an excuse to use one since I started this blog back in January, but also because I would like some feedback. Ok, it’s mainly because I just want to make a poll :)

Now that that’s out of the way, it’s pointless story time with Picco! I was reading a friend’s blog yesterday and she had a post about 5 things she’d take if she were stuck on a desert island. And honestly, until she put that obviously the first, logical choice would be to have a boat with a crew, I realized I had never thought about that. Whenever someone asks what I’d bring, I usually say either sour gummy worms or a tv so I could watch Newsies. Then I kind of felt a little stupid. And I asked myself if I was really worthy of being a junior in highschool in the fall. And then I decided to totally steal her idea. Oops.

5 things I’d bring if I were stuck on a desert island

Numbah 1: Food

I’m sorry, but I need my sour gummy worms. YOU CAN’T TAKE THEM AWAY FROM ME!!!!!!! True story.

#2: CD

My most favorite CD by my most favorite band in the entire universe. Or galaxy. Whichever’s bigger. And the drummer (Alexander Noyes, the dude on the far right) is really cute :) Doesn’t get better than that.

Numero Tres: Book

This is hands down my favorite book in the entire world. Everyone I’ve talked to about it hasn’t liked it, so I’m forced to keep my love for it to myself. And if I can’t have this book, then I’d settle for From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. Anything but dora the explorer visits her abuela. I’ve had to read that book, no joke, at least 10+ times today to my little brother. *shudder* That book is the thing of my nightmares.

Numb3r 4 (see what I did with the 3 there? Yeah, I thought it was cool too until I actually typed it out…): Clothes

Personally, I’d settle for any/all of these. I mean, just because I’m on a desert island doesn’t mean I can’t look…interesting.

Five: A lobotomy with some creative person’s brain to replace mine, so I can do this-Well I guess I wouldn’t *bring* a lobotomy. But I’d make sure to have the procedure and recover before I get stranded, for whatever reason, on a desert island. And knowing me, that might be in my near future…

So my question for you, my wonderful readers and commenters, is…

What 5 things would you bring to a desert island?


23 thoughts on “Marooned on desert island? No worries! There will be gummy worms.

  1. I kept pressing the narnia button and nothing worked….I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE!!!!
    Oh wait, I’m your sister! heheheheheh

    Two hearts

  2. 5 things to bring to a desert island? Ooh! Okay!

    1. Gluten free chips because I am gluten free.
    2. A hammock……..random…….
    3. Matches for making an S.O.S thingie
    4. A REAL button that took me to Narnia! :(
    5. A time-machine to get off the island that I don’t know how I got to.

    Two hearts

    • 1: Chips? Really? And I thought that my gummy worm idea was dumb…
      2: Ahhh. West and welacksation. Name that quote.
      3: No lie, I thought matches said machetes. I was a bit confused.
      4: Amen.
      5: *psh* lame

  3. I would obviously bring my computer and a wireless connection so I could keep reading your blog, then I would bring so I could (quite literally, on the spot) buy your favorite book… and then an iron, a case of sparkling water, another book on the Marshall Plan, an electric kettle, and another book on how a 35 year-old should relate to juniors in high school.

    Lastly, I’d bring you, Piccola!

    I miss you to tears and love hearing your voice through your writing. You have a true gift that I hope brings you as much joy as it brings your readers. I miss you to pieces and can’t wait to see you soon!

    Zita Zizi

    • Those all sound lovely. Especially the part about bringing me. But question, Marshall Plan..?? And electric kettle? To boil water so you can have hot water to drink, while you’re possibly getting overheated? Hmmm….

      I miss you more :( I hope you come visit soon.

  4. Picco?

    Your new blog is soooo RAD!!! Thanks for the free to trip to Narnia. Sorry that your sinister was not able to make it. Guess that O will never need a heart transplant!

    My five things to take to a deserted island:

    1. My Bible
    2. My iPod (thanks to your encouragement)
    3. Cell phone (but first I would have to buy one)
    4. A portable generator (but first I would have to buy one)
    5. Laptop (but first I would have to buy one)

    Hmmm. Having to buy the last three items means that I probably could not afford to be stranded on a deserted island

    Your latest favorite band looks rather interesting. Their look makes me wonder if they all attended the same high school as your father.

  5. I have never heard of Honor Society… I must look them up! :) & Gummy worms are so. so. what’s a word that describes how good they are??

    (Now, I know exactly what to get you, if you turn out to be my secret santa!–um,wait christmas is in like 6 months?why am i thinking about it in July??–sigh)

    My top five: You already know! mauahah!

    • Honor society=best. band. ever. They were just in St. Louis, but I didn’t want to go to their concert by myself. That’s the definition of lame.

      Even if I’m *not* your secret santa, feel free to still give me gummy worms!

      Haha, of course. You were the inspiration for this post ;)

  6. I loved “The Giver”! It’s one of the few books I went out and bought for Lit class last year. I can relate to reading younger siblings books… right now my little sister is obsessed with Olivia the pig books. They’re cute the first ten times, but after that, they do get on your nerves.

    Things I would bring to a desert island…

    1) An air conditioner
    2) Ted Drewes ice cream
    3) A computer with an internet connection
    4) All eight seasons of Monk
    5) A boat so I can get off the island!!!

    • You do??!?!!?! Why have we not discussed this? It’s kind of an absolutely amazing book. Intense, but amazing. Ahhh, I’ve had my fair share of Olivia the pig books…. ;)

      Dude, if your island is stocked with Ted Drewes, can I join you???? Except I refuse to watch Monk. It’s ok the first few minutes, but then his OCD makes me INSANE!!!! :P I’m like GAH! STOP CLEANING THINGS!

    • I thought this said eight seasons of Mork. Really? You’d want to watch Mork and Mindy?? I mean, it was fun and all with the “na-nu, na-nu,” but I don’t know if it’s desert island worthy!

  7. So what everyone who commented is trying to say is that they don’t want to get OFF the island they’re on? I thought of the “machetes” and time machine. I’m so smart!

    Two hearts

  8. Picco,

    Thanks for your concern about my existence on a deserted desert (without dessert) island with only two items.

    BTW My trip to Narnia was so inspiring that I am considering writing a story about it. My tentative title is: Annals of Narnia.

  9. I love your Narnia comment! you are so creative! Yes, I love your blog theme/header image. :D Totally need those gummy worms…for me i’d be a can of Dr. Pepper and chocolate….and Lord of the Rings, and all my fave movies with Johnny Depp…hmm also my iPod. :D


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