Guess who’s turning 16 today?! And no, it’s not Skandar Keynes

It’s me!!!!! WOOOHOOO!!!!!!
Although I do talk about Skandar a lot, for once this post is about little ol’ me.

And now for a video featuring one of my favorite singers in the world, Damian Joseph McGinty Jr., and plenty of creepy girls to ruin the general awesomeness that surrounds each and every one of his amazing performances. I should know, I’ve seen him twice. Booyah.

And before any of you asks, no, I’m not having a Sweet Sixteen party. Why Picco, you’re thinking, you’re an American girl turning 16! What stupid person doesn’t have a massive party?!?! An awesome one, that’s who. I usually try to go against the flow of life. Which is why my favorite actors are usually people no one else has heard of, I dye my hair awkward shades of red (I’m back to my natural brunette now, no worries) and wear Converses with dresses. Because that’s just how I roll. Oh, and I’m incredibly anti-social and accidentally slip into hiding very easily, so I’ll get emails from people saying “hey, are you still alive…??”. Gah, I’m rambling. Blargidy-blarg-blarg. Let’s move along, shall we???

So far, I’ve gotten some pretty awesome presents. I got earrings from my great grandparents, a ring from my great aunt, and money from everyone else. Not too shabby, eh? Money and jewels. I love growing up.  And since I know you all are thinking “Wow, that Picco chick is so amazingly fantastic. Since she’s my role model in life, I should get her something pretty wicked sweet to commerate her being alive for sixteen years and having hardly caused any physical/emotional damage to anyone (except for that time when she was 4 and she bit a boy and made him cry)”, you can get me one or more of the following: Converses, a visit from Christian Bale, a time machine so I can go back in time and meet Audrey Hepburn and/or Alfred Hitchcock, a giant bouncy house (because how cool would that be?!), Converses, food, Final Cut Pro, Converses, more food, Converses, Converses and uhhh….Converses. I only have 6 pairs. And 2 of them are fake. Therefore, I could always use more. Duh.

And so, to wrap up this post, I just wanted to thank all of you lovely people who continue to keep reading my blog and commenting. You guys are the bomb. Seriously. You have no idea how much you mean to me and my sanity. Hopefully, as I get older, my writing won’t be as spastic and sarcastic…but I don’t see that happening. And on that note, AHHH!!! I’M 16!!!! It’s pretty crazy, right? :)

21 thoughts on “Guess who’s turning 16 today?! And no, it’s not Skandar Keynes

  1. My dearest Picco,

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I gave you a pretty AWESOME present! And although I’m your sister you have to post this comment.

    I hope you have an amazing birthday!

    Love ya,
    Two hearts

  2. Happy Birthday Picco!!! :D :D But, ok, you wear Converse with dresses too?! So do I!!!! And I thought I was the only one… People just don’t know what to say. Oh yes and anti-social = awesome. I have the habit of edging away from large groups, throwing on my black hoodie and escaping with my converse. ;) You know, it’s my mom’s b-day today too! So I guess you have to share….. :mrgreen:


  3. Picco,

    Happy Sweet Sixteen—oh AWESOME ONE!!! I believe Damian was aiming that tune directly at YOU!!! Nice boots on the guitar player, but Converse shoes would have looked even better. You are giving up Damian for Christian Bale? Be very careful what you wish for. I am having this feeling that something sweet is on the way.

    So, I said to myself; self–what about this Converse thing. Stymied, I went to the dictionary and found out why Converse and Picco are a match made on earth. One of the definitions of converse is: opposite or contrary in action. I believe that definition fits you like one of your six or four Converse shoes.

    Please keep up our converse-ation via your wonderful blog or conversely via any means that you wish.

    • Awww, thank you Grampy :)

      No, I’ll never give up Damian for Christian Bale for many reasons. 1. because Christian Bale is 37, married and has a kid. 2. because he has serious anger issues and 3. because Damian’s Irish. Irish trumps British any day.

      I’ve never thought about that! But I guess you’re right :)

  4. Say… if you happen to get Final Cut Pro… I know of a neighbor who would like to come over… :-)

    Happy Birthday!


  5. I feel the need to comment on every post of a blog I follow. I hope people don’t find it awkward :/
    Anyway! I loved the Damian McGinty video you posted here! …Have you seen the glee project with him? He’s kind of adorable and everyone loves him and yes shhh don’t tell anybody but i love that show. :P

    Since I’m broke here is your present: the way he messes up is ADORABLE

  6. Oh, I just thought of an amazing question about Converse…. What style do you like best – low rise (just @ your ankles), or high-tops (just above your ankles)?? ;)


    • I have 4 pairs of lowtops (one silver airwalk, one pair with crosswords, grey ones with sequins and then a pair of black ones that I drew on and they have bright blue duct tape laces) and a pair of blue and green hightops with Tweety on them and then my new purple ones, which are my favorite. So the long answer to your question is I think I like hightops better :) How bout you??? :)

      • oh my goodness…..this is actually starting to get a little creepy! Are we like twin sisters seperated at birth or something?!?! I like high-tops better too!!! I only have one pair – classic black and white high-tops, but I’m asking for a pair of low-tops for my b-day…. :mrgreen:

        Love the Tweety!!! Super amazing. I would LOVE a pair with tinkerbell. hahaha


        • Dude, creepy… I love hightops and lowtops, but hightops are definitely cooler :) Actually, i just googled lowtop converses and they’re really called lowcuts. I’ve been calling them the wrong thing my whole life. *facepalm*

          The tweety ones were my aunts from like forever ago. So they’re vintage (sorta) and super cool :)

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