Confessions of a First Time Driver

It’s official. As of last night, I’ve started driving. And that picture there pretty much sums up how my first driving lesson was. Except I’m not blonde, I don’t drive with a pained/confused/weirded out expression on my face (at least I think I don’t…) , and dad was only screaming on the inside.

Honestly, it wasn’t *too* horrible. With my anaconda death grip on the wheel, I drove up and down the street a bunch, turned around a few times, and managed not to hit anything/anyone. I know, I’m just as impressed as you are. AND, the whole time bugs were flying in the car and scaring the bajeebers out of me. But the best part was that the entire time, I had the Brian Regan skit about show horses running through my head. Why? Not sure. So here it is. Enjoy!

And thus concludes our post for today. It’s short and lifeless. Like a dead Oompa Loompa…*ehem* …ANYWAY…I know people always say “Haha, I’ve started driving. You’d better stay off the roads!! ;) ” But no, I’m serious. I’m now driving. Fear for your life.


9 thoughts on “Confessions of a First Time Driver

    • Nope :( I got my permit late and Missouri knows I’m not worthy of a license just yet, so they’re making me wait until November. And I have to have 40 hours of driving under my belt. And as of right now, I only have 15 minutes… ;)

  1. Congratulations on being “PERMITTED” to drive. WOW!!! You were allowed to have your first driving experience on an actual street. Often the first driving experience for a teenager is on an almost empty parking lot, after being driven there by the tutor.

    BTW If you check the website of Brian Regan, you will see that he appeared at the King Center in Melbourne (Florida, not Australia) last night. Sad to say I did not make it.

    • Well, it was an almost empty street…but I drove and that’s all that matters :)

      Awww, you missed him?! Bummer. He’s really, really funny and if you ever get the chance to go to a show of his, I’d recommend it!

  2. Confession: I don’t count every single minute; every time I drive I say it’s 1 hour. So I just need to drive about 35 more times before I can get my license :) I do my homeschooling in the same fashion….haha

    B.T.W Damian/Samuel BOTH got a 7 episode arc!!!!!!!!!!! …oh, yeah…and Lindsey and Alex got a 2 episode arc but…eh whatever. NO body likes them anyways :)

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