Artsy Fartsy

Guess where I went today? NO! You guessed wrong. I’m going to have to kindly ask you to get off my blog now. You are the weakest link. Goodbye.

All kidding aside, I went to the Saint Louis Art Fair in Clayton. Who wants to see pictures?! There are a bunch, so bear with me here. I promise they’re all awesome. But honestly, when is any of my stuff not totally awesome?! Wait. Don’t answer that.

I really wanted to get this, but it was like 200 bucks. And the more I looked at it, the more it reminded me of the weird brain from the movie A Wrinkle In Time.

There was a lady on stilts juggling. And guess what shoes she was wearing?

Converse. Umm, kind of amazing.

Ice sculpting with a chain saw? Classic.

Chicken footstool, anyone?

This is a Sweet & Salty drumstick. Vanilla ice cream, double-dipped in chocolate and coated in salted almonds. Needless to say, I wasn’t too happy I had to share it with my brother…

I tried to get a picture of just how massive it was, but the best I could get was this. Enjoy?

No art fair is complete without a random cow.

My attempt at being artsy and taking a picture of a balloon someone had let go of…

I’ll try to do Stalker Sunday tonight since someone other than me actually participated this time! Sorta. My grandma sent me a picture of a peach flan she made. That counts, right? And now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off go find a blog to stalk…


9 thoughts on “Artsy Fartsy

  1. Awesome pics, Picco. I love the stilt lady’s Converse. amazing. And yeah, that rock-thing does look like the brain. weird.
    Oh my goodness, I LOVE sweet and salty – that ice cream cone looks amazing!!!! I bet you weren’t too happy share. haha I wouldn’t be either.…eventually I’m gonna try to do something for your Stalker Sunday thing…does sopapillas count? I make some mean ones, if I do say so myself. ;)


    • Thanks :) I’m amazed they turned out as well as they did. It was really bright outside and the screen on the camera was all glare-y, so I couldn’t tell if the pictures were ok…

      I know, aren’t her shoes amazing?! I wanted to tell her how much I loved them but she was like 8 feet in the air. Awkward?

      I’ve been craving sweet and salty lately and my attempt at sweet & salty bar cookies turned out to be an epic fail. But the ice cream cone made up for it :)

      Hahaha, that’s ok. Errr, I have no clue what soapapillas are so yeah go for it! ;) Hold up, I just googled sopapillas. They look fantastic. If you make some you’re going to have to mail some to me. Or at least send sopapilla thoughts to me via telepathy. Whateves.

      • yeah I know how sometimes cameras can be really tricksy. Ok, that just sounded like Gollum. ;) Oh wells

        hmmm yeah just a bit awkward. lol, but it would show your sense of adventure and fearlessness…..

        Ok, WAIT. you’ve never heard of or tried sopapillas?!?! You haven’t lived. Ok…so I guess that makes up for me never having toasted ravioli. We should swap, and then we’ll both be alive. sopapillas are sooo yummy, it’s ridiculous. like a piece of Heaven. haha! the next time I make some, I will take a picture, and email it to you along with the recipe so you can include it in your Stalker Sunday! :D I’ll also be extra nice and send you sopapilla thoughts.


        • They can be tricksy, yessss? Wait. I can’t tell if that’s Gollum or Yoda….

          An 8 foot tall lady shows my sense of adventure and fearlessness? Awesome sauce. I officially dub you my morale-booster.

          No I haven’t heard of them OR had them. How lame is that?!

  2. Well, if you aren’t becoming Hoity Toity. I see you are trying to raise the level of your blog by depicting your venture to an Art Fair. Very cool pix. It appears that a fellow tried to Stihl the show by sculpting ice. Sorry about that.

    Based upon your title of this blog, one might think that the name of dessert might possibly be a description of you. Just kidding.

    BTW I like your custom-designed Converse shoes better than those plain ones on the stilted lady.

    • I tried to keep a theme of hoity-toityness about myself throughout the day, and I think I did a pretty good job. Until a bug flew in my hair and some random guy had to get it out. That was a little awkward.

      Oh yeah, my shoes trump hers any day. But she does get bonus points for being on stilts…

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