Wake me up when September ends

It’s a Friday night and I’m sitting by myself. Doing nothing interesting at all. Actually, I’m babysitting while my parents are out at dinner, having 10 times the social life I could ever wish to have. To make things even better, it’s been overcast and cold the past few days. And do you know when you have to deal with someone, and afterwards you want to go douse a hornet nest in gasoline and set it on fire? Yeah, I’ve put up with a few of those people lately. So what do I do when there’s a general theme of blah surrounding everything? Make food. Problem solved. Instant happiness.

I still haven’t gotten to use up the pita bread I made a few days ago. I was going to make gyros today, but that plan obviously fell through. But seriously, what are you supposed to do with 9 pieces of pita bread?! No chickpeas, so hummus was out of the question. What to do, what to do? So after a bit of googling I stumbled upon a grilled apple and brie sandwich. Delicious? Disgusting? Filled with magical dwarfs?! I’ll give you a hint: there were no dwarfs. Sad, I know.

This sandwich could really go either way. If you like brie, then you could hypothetically like this. But if you don’t like brie, don’t even bother, you uncultured person. Only joking. I refuse to eat mushrooms. We all have our weird food phobias.

Three basic ingredients. Bread, apple and brie. That would be a cool band name…bread apple and brie. BAB. Once I learn how to play guitar, I’m forming a band. Coming to a city near you.

But anyway, to make this I cut up about a quarter of an apple and took off the skin, so I wouldn’t choke and die on my sandwich. How pathetic is that? I can see it now on my gravestone. Piccola Italiana. Age 16. Died choking on an apple. Epic life fail.

Cut up some brie. Om nom nom. I have a bit of a weakness for brie, which is funny because I really hate cheese. True story. Brie, goat cheese and mozzarella are about the only cheeses I can tolerate. Moral of the story? For Christmas, please don’t get me any cheese. I prefer Converse.

Stick the bread in a buttered skillet and add the cheese and apples. The whole kitchen/place of food preparation will stink like brie and bread. No worries. It’ll taste wayyyy better than it smells.

Then place on a plate and eat.

I was taking a risk with this. Mainly because I was supposed to be doing school when I was making this, thus treading on thin ice with my mother…*ehem*…BUT also because brie and apples on a sandwich? Ohhh, how daring am I? But it turned out well. Not something I’d eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and midnight snack but I’d definitely eat it again.

But my question to you lovelys, what’s the weirdest food you’ve eaten? This definitely isn’t the weirdest food I’ve ever eaten. The weirdest thing I’ve ever eaten was probably escargot. In case you cared.

Gahhh, I’ve just spent almost an hour on this dumb post. Best. Friday night. Ever. I hope you’ve all had a more exciting Friday than me. Although it’s not hard to top…


7 thoughts on “Wake me up when September ends

  1. wow, you sound like you’re having such an amazing Friday night. that sandwhich sounds good…but interesting. Like something you’d have to be in the mood for. ;)

    The weirdest food I’ve ever eaten? Oh that’s a hard one, because I’ve eaten a lot of weird foods….that actually turned out good, but nobody will ever try them because they sound so weird. like dipping your french fries in ketchup and mayo before eating them – delicious!! or putting mayo on fried chicken sandwhiches….

    Ok – I’ve got it. The weirdest thing I’ve ever eaten and really really didn’t like was….. Chocolate Mousse Yogurt. That’s right – yogurt. gross!!! It was THE weirdest thing. Plus it didn’t really help that I didn’t like yogurt already,… but still. haha


    • I love dipping french fries in mayo and ketchup :) Actually, that’s the only thing I will eat mayo with. Oh, and french fries dipped in a milk shake? Awesome.

      Ewwwwwww. The chocolate and mousse part sound ok, but yogurt ruins it. I’m not a huge yogurt fan. The smell of it makes me want to run away and go sniff something good-smelling, like a baby or something…so if you ever see me randomly pick up a baby and start sniffing it, you’ll know why ;)

  2. SHRIMP EW EW EW EWWWW. I ate it for the first time last night (this morning? it’s past midnight–don’t even ask me why I am checking my email…) It’s the most disgusting/weird/nasty/VILE food ever.

    I love Brie :)

    • I’m don’t *hate* shrimp. I mean, I’m not going to swim in the ocean with my mouth open to devour as many shrimp as I can, but it’s not totally disgusting. Obviously shrimp and I have a bond you don’t have. Poor you.

      I love Brie more!

  3. You have shown great creativity in your food prep per this blog.

    I guess that the wierdest food I have eaten has to be gator. If I had any taste buds left, I would tell you what it tasted like.

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