September 20, 2011. The day of many wondrous new albums.

Tomorrow is going to be a good day for me. I can feel it in me bones. Eh, not really. That was a total lie. But, even without using my psychic skeletal powers, I do know that Tuesday is going to be great. Why? Because three new albums from three of my favorite artist on the planet are coming out. That’s why. Who are these much loved singers? I’m glad you asked.

First off, probably my favorite singer/celebrity/person outside my family and other than Christian Bale ever. Demi Lovato. This is her 3rd album and if it’s anything like the other 2, it’s going to be fantastic. I feel sorry for this girl. She’s been through a lot this past year and she has a pretty crazy family…always a bad combo. She released one of the songs off this album a few weeks ago and it’s supermegaawesomefantasticlyepic. And yes, that is a word.

The second one is Time Travel by Christofer Drew’s group Never Shout Never. I was a huge Chris Drew fan back when he all of his songs were acoustic and he went by NeverShoutNever! I even painted the lyrics to one of his old songs on my wall. But then he decided to become a “rock band”, got a bunch of band members and changed his name to Chris Drew and the Shout. Kind of like Selena Gomez and the Scene, or Nick Jonas and the Administration. And equally as stupid. No offense. I’m just saying what I know you all are thinking. But I am still excited about this CD, since he went (sort of) back to his roots with the sound of his songs and the band name. If only he’d get rid of the other 3 dumb members of the group, he’d make me happy, whether he knew it or not…sorry. NSN reference. *ehem* Moving along…

And finally Storm, by Celtic Thunder. I’ve loved Celtic Thunder since they first started almost 5 years ago. This wonderful group has brought many friends into my life. Actually last July I was talking with a girl and things were getting awkward because we had nothing in common. Then I learned she liked Celtic Thunder. BAM. Instant friendship. But back to the album cover, I have no idea who picked out their outfits, and whoever it was needs to be kicked out of humanity. And also I’m not really sure what Storm is. I’m pretty sure that it’s kind of like a show and they’re all characters. *cough* STUPID *cough* But I’ve been waiting for this CD to come out since they first announced it a year ago. In that time, Celtic Thunder changed and my two favorite people left the group. Paul Byrom (2nd guy on the right) left to go do whatever it is Paul does, and Damian McGinty (first dude on the left) is now on the show Glee. And now they have 2 new guys. That I hate. So, I guess I have mixed feelings about this album…but I might buy it, since I have all six of their other CDs…

And that’s my excitement in a nutshell.

Oh and to get you guys participated in the little one-sided-conversation-with-myself-I-call-Spoonlighting, what’s your favorite album? Or singer? Or song? Leave your answer in the comment area, if you wish. Or just say your answer out loud to yourself, nod your head, and get on with your life.


10 thoughts on “September 20, 2011. The day of many wondrous new albums.

  1. I think one of the keys to happiness in life is having something to look forward to. Thus, you qualify for happiness, as you have “almost” three things (AKA albums) to look forward to.

    I would tell you the name of my favorite singer, but you and your bloggers would just laugh. Even though laughter can be an expression of happiness, I am not telling. She did autograph her picture (and gave me a hug) during her last trip to Melbourne. If I remember, I will bring her picture with me on my next visit.

  2. I get weird looks whenever I say this, but The Joshua Tree by U2 is my all-time favorite album. But That Thing You Do! soundtrack is also amazing.

    • *gives Emarshily a weird look and backs away slowly*

      Kidding. I’m not a huge U2 fan but I don’t think you’re any less of a person for liking them ;) Haha I remember waching That Thing You Do at your house! Weird movie. Funny, but man, it was weird…

  3. My favorite singer:

    Has a sister who is more famous and who has a different last name.

    Has hair that reaches down to her ankles.

    Her first name is as clear as ………

  4. I’m pretty sure that my favorites albums from this year are 21 by Adele, Mumford and Sons, Bon Iver–Bon Iver, No Color by The Dodos.

    At least those are the ones I actually spent money on :)

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