Craziness runs in my family. Actually, it practically sprints.

This weekend we celebrated my great-grandparents’ 70th wedding anniversary. With a reception last night and a brunch and party all day today, it was a lot of fun. But very tiring. Luckily, I have insane family members to keep things interesting. Like my aunt.

That’s my lovely aunt who also doubles as my godmother. She’s pretty cool, in a making-fun-of-Miley-Cyrus-on-a-Saturday-Night-Live-skit kind of way. And yes, that’s a dinosaur finger puppet on the right. I was thinking of somehow adding this picture to my Spoonlighting logo, but even with the mask, her secret identity is kind of obvious. Oh, and I know that people she works with read my blog. Awkward.

In diet news, I stuck with my diet for a whole 6 days and 18 hours. Who’s impressed? I was supposed to hold on until November 1st, but last night around 6ish I was like I’m done eating veggies, BRING ON DA CAKE. And I then ate 2 pieces of salmon, a bunch of pasta, a roll, a huge piece of cake, and lots and lots of candy I was stealing from my little cousins. And I’m not even going to begin to talk about what I ate today.

Dear 4 pounds I lost,
You’ve been missed. Welcome home.
My hips

I totally forgot to do Stalker Sunday this week. And I’m not about to go cook something right now and then eat more. But Tia didn’t forget, of course. Have I mentioned I love that girl? I’m pretty sure I have, but I just wanted to reiterate it. Ok. Reiterating done.

She didn’t send a picture, so I was trying to find pictures of the bread online and just say she took them. But what the heck does creme de menthe chocolate chip bread look like? The only pictures that were coming up when I googled it were green breads. Is it really green? Because that’s messed up.

Crème de Menthe Chocolate Chip Bread

From Tia Rising over at Holding The Future Hostage

1 pkg. instant pistachio pudding
I pkg. Pillsbury white cake mix (or yellow)
1/3 c. oil
1/3 c. Crème de Menthe
1 c. sour cream
4 eggs
Mix, beat with electric mixer until smooth.  Add 1 cup mini chocolate chips (or regular if you’re a chocolaholic like me).  Divide into two greased bread pans.  Bake 30-40 minutes at 350 degrees.

Join me in Stalker Sunday :)

How to participate? Glad you asked. Even though I mention how to in every other Stalker Sunday post. Short term memory loss, much?
1) Take a picture of food you made off of a blog/website.
2) Send it to me at thespoonatic(at)gmail(dot)com including the name of the concoction you made and the name of the place you got the recipe from.
3) Eat the food you make. Duh?


10 thoughts on “Craziness runs in my family. Actually, it practically sprints.

  1. hahaha, your aunt sounds awesome. Insane family members totally do keep things interesting! they can definitely come in handy. ;)

    I am super-duper impressed. Like, epically impressed. Are you feeling good now? I hope so. :D I couldn’t have made it as long as you. Oh yeah, who would take veggies over cake? Weird people, that’s who. ;)

    Yeah, sorry about not getting you a pic…. well instead of white cake mix, I used yellow, so the bread turned out yellow. Idk if it’s supposed to be green…but whatever. When I make it again (which I plan on), I’ll make sure to take an epic photo and send it to you. tia won’t forget. ;)


    • She is totally awesome :) My other aunt’s awesome too, but she doesn’t stick spoons on her noses, so I couldn’t get a picture of her. Because don’t you know, only stupid photos of people make it on my blog. Duh.

      Oh thank you *takes bow*. I’m feeling fantastic. Nahhh, you could have stuck out for 6 days with me. You’re my twin, remember?

      *scoff* What are we going to do with you? I’m henceforth banning you from all Stalker Sunday participation. Just joking! I just wanted to use the word henceforth. I’m glad Tia won’t forget, and I’m especially glad that Tia speaks in 3rd person. Who are you, Elmo from Sesame Street????

      • Stupid photos are the best! :D Well, except for when they’re of me, of course. ;)

        Oh yeah that’s right. I probably could’ve done 6 days then…it definitely rocks being a twin. :D

        Henceforth is an amazing word. It sounds so important, and…sophisticated. haha Tia loves to talk in 3rd person – it goes right along with her being a Blonde. But, Picco’s my twin, so she better watch out or she’ll be talking in 3rd person soon. If she already hasn’t. ;)


        • Speaking of stupid pictures, we just got back the pictures from picture day. Yikes. I seriously hope you’re photogenic, because if you’re really my twin, then… I’m sorry.

          Isn’t it? It makes me sound educated. No worries, Picco already talks in 3rd person. But I don’t have the “blonde” excuse going for me. Blonde at heart, right?

          • Oh don’t tell me that!! Now while we’re having our pictures taken, I’m going to be subconsciously thinking of you and purposely trying to make my smile better…which’ll just make it worse. thanks. ;) JK

            Yes, blonde at heart. That is the perfect phrase for you. also just being Tia’s twin gives you an excuse. :P


  2. As I have related previously, being a little crazy helps one retain one’s sanity. I would imagine that your Aunt’s sanity is in insanely good condition.

    Thanks for relating that it was a dino. I thought it was a mini gator.

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