Pesto chango

I’m barely alive. Well, obviously I’m alive. As cool as it would be to blog from beyond the grave, that isn’t going to happen anytime soon. Sorry if I got your hopes up. But back to being alive. Why am I clinging on to my life here? Because I took the stupid PSAT yesterday and my brain is totally fried. That’s why. Any more questions?

I really hate standardized testing. Well, maybe hate is a strong word. How about I really really really really really don’t like standardized testing? After spending all day Monday and Tuesday taking 4 practice tests (that’s over 8 hours of tests. GAHHHH!), I took the real deal on Wednesday at a highschool. Yes, I had to break out of my homeschool comfort shell and interact with people who go to real school. Scary.

After hours of test taking, plus lots of cramming, my brain is in slow-mo today. I’m so worn out that a few different times today I would realize mid-sentence that I had no clue what I was talking about. At times like this when I’m really not in the mood to make real food, I turn to my new best friend. Pesto in a jar. Pasta+pesto=instant delicious.

Now that I think about it, a lot of my best friends are inanimate objects., my Newsies DVD, Waldo my Wusthof knife, and now pesto. Is there something wrong with me?

And apparently my brain is so fried that I though having “pesto chango” as the title of this post was clever. Yeah, there’s definitely something wrong with me.

Speaking of messed up, I opened my blog earlier to look at my stats and look at what some awful person typed into Google to find me.

I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that my blog pops up when you type that in, or the fact that some human being out there actually hates Damian Joseph McGinty, Jr.

In food news: I bet you’re wondering, “what’s on the menu this week, Picco?” Glad you asked. Tomorrow? Red velvet cake balls. The day after that? Pesto cake balls. And I’m so tired right now those actually sound good. Yeah, I’m going to stop talking now.


11 thoughts on “Pesto chango

  1. How could that evil person??? My guess is that it was some guy who was jealous of Damien’s indescribable looks and voice! :)

  2. So glad you survived the PSAT. I couldn’t *imagine* having to take a test with weird public schoolers. ;) Now, I’m not saying you wont be scarred for life, but at least you made it through. :D

    I *love* pesto in a jar. haha my shoulder’s been acting up lately, so I’ve been taking a lot of pain meds and *wow* I’m having a hard time thinking straight and talking. so I completely know how you feel. haha

    nice post Picco


    • I’m glad I survived too. I mean if I didn’t make it, what would you do without me? Be a lame person without a twin? Sad.

      I love it more! Back in the day when *I* was having shoulder issues (twins…) I was on some serious pain meds. The first time I took them I decided to go watch Lord of the Rings. And I laughed hysterically through the entire thing :)

      Thanks Tia :)

      • It’s always ridiculously fun watching LOTR while on pain meds. haha idk why, but it’s like the perfect movie to watch. I did that just yesterday and was like, “man, I *love* lord of the rings…it’s so freaking awesome…..” haha but I haven’t quite laughed all the way through – that’s a new one, I’d like to see. :D


  3. 3 things:

    1) A blog from beyond the grave would be AWESOME|
    2) That pesto looks great, its almost lunch-break, and I’m starving!
    3) I don’t know who Damian McGinty is, but I feel bad for the poor fellow!

    • Ummm, I know, right?!
      It was awesome. I love pesto and it’s so easy just to scoop it from a jar, rather than dragging out the food processor…
      Damian McGinty is an Irish singer. And why anyone would hate him is beyond me ;)

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