This is Halloween

As awesome as the video below is, I’d strongly recommend not watching it if you are prone to seizures. Or know anyone who is. Or if you’ve even heard the word “seizure” before.

So, what are your Halloween plans? My plans tonight have consisted of watching clips of Disney movies in other languages on youtube (thought Robin Hood couldn’t get any better? Watch it in Hebrew.), hiding in the living room with my family so we don’t have to give out candy to non-dressed up teenage trick-or-treaters, and eating lots of candy. Who needs a Halloween party when you have my life?

My neighborhood usually does trick-or-treating a few days before the 31st. Mainly so we can all dodge the creepy old people from other neighborhoods trying to get free candy, but mainly because with the exception of 2 other kids, my siblings and I are the only kids in the entire neighborhood. So Halloween is basically Picco and her siblings walking around and getting candy. Luckily pretty much everyone in the neighborhood adores us, so it’s all good. Speaking of candy, guess how much candy my family accumulated last night? Guess a ridiculous number…and then multiply it by 6.

We got 17 pounds of candy. 17 POUNDS. Disgusting? Maybe. I was thinking more along the lines of delicious, but disgusting works too… And now let’s play a game called “Guess Which of My Siblings is Slightly OCD?”

Who wants to see my dog?

I don’t even want to talk about how long it was before I put together that it’s a hotdog costume for a dog. HotDOG costume for a DOG.  It honestly took me days. *ehem*


15 thoughts on “This is Halloween

  1. Dang. The light show= amazing. And also oddly creepy(oddly, because I don’t get creeped out by those things usually). I don’t think I would trick-or-treat there.
    I would be just like your slightly OCD sibling. I organize my M&M’s by color, see which color has the most M&M’s, and eat them down from that group (one from each color group at a time) until I’ve got one of each color left. I don’t even know if that makes sense. And I don’t know why I do it. It’s just more fun that way. (I do that with any candy that comes in different colors.)

    Also: the hotdog costume for the dog is awesome. I got it right away, and I laughed even more when you said it took you a while to get. :D

    • Isn’t it? You know the people driving past it are like what…?

      I used to do that too! But only with Skittles. And mainly because I didn’t want people eating my red ones, so I’d eat them all first. And then orange, then green. And then when anyone asked for some of my candy, I’d give them the nasty purple skittles. I’m so nice :)

      Oh, thanks. *eyeroll* RUB IT IN. The weirdest part was that my dog, who’s usually the most spastic thing ever to walk this planet, was totally chill when I put it on her. I think that hotdog costume has magical powers. Calms dogs and makes their owners stupid-er than normal… ;)

      • I liked the little kid running away from the door in apparent terror. It pretty much made my night.

        I haven’t had Skittles in so long, I can’t remember what the purple ones taste like. But I don’t remember not liking any color of Skittles.

        You know. That’s what I’m for. To rub things in. ;) So can I borrow the magical hotdog costume to calm down my brother’s spastic dog? Although it would probably smother her…

        • Me too. I was going to mention that it was my favorite part, but I thought it’d be cruel. Hmmmm…

          Ewww, the purple ones are disgusting – hence me pawning them off on naive little kids :)

          Well, I appreciate it. I don’t have nearly enough people in my life bringing up my faults ;) You totally can borrow the costume. But like you said, depending on the size of your dog, it might be too big. My dog is 60-70+ pounds of insanity and she’s only a year old… yay?

  2. Your halloween sounds better than mine. Mine was super lame… I spent most of the night at my Calc class.

    I know. I’m just that awesome. :)

  3. oh my goodness, I *love* your batman pumpkin!!! awesome sauce. haha it took me a little bit to figure our your dog’s costume as well, so don’t feel bad… :D And, erm, are those your converse in the photo?! they’re amazing. even if they’re not yours, they’re amazing. but they’d be even more amazing if they were yours…. ok I’m gonna stop talking now. :P


    • Thanks! :D I was pretty proud of myself after I carved it. So now I have a puking pumpkin and a batman pumpkin under my belt. Yup, pretty awesome.

      Haha, yeah those are my purple converse. Hightops. They’re kind of my favorite shoes on the planet.

      • YES! :D I *knew* those were your shoes. they’re utterly amazing. i can’t tell they’re hightops because of your jeans, but I bet they’re amazing. my dream pair of converse are purple and black ones. :D


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