In which I ramble on about photo challenges, birthday wishes, and human stupidity.

Hi. It’s me again. Talking way more in a post than I do in real life, as always. But I promise this one will be a quickie. I have three things to say. So here goes:

Uno, happy birthday to one of the most hilarious people I know. I’m not naming names, but no, it’s not me.

Two, since you lot are obviously not too keen on Stalker Sunday (I thought it was a brilliant idea. Probably my best one yet, aside from turning moonlighting into Spoonlighting. Ha. I’m so witty I don’t know what to do with myself sometimes), I’m extending an invitation to you guys about a photo challenge.

Whilst (Heehee. Whilst…) wasting my time on Pinterest the other day, I found this.

And there was also a link to the blog, Positively Present, that was running the 30 day challenge. So I figured eh, what can I lose? Other than precious time taking and editing photos, when I could be reading and/or doing school and/or eating delicious foods. But luckily the photo for day 1 is of my favorite food.  Everything comes back to food, huh?

So I thought to myself “Picco?” “Yes, Picco?” “2 things. First, we really need to stop talking to each other. It creeps people out. But also, what’s our favorite food?” And then I looked down at the candy I was eating and BAM. Skittles. What’s better than skittles? Aside from bacon, sour gummy worms, and coffee.

 I messed with this picture a bit using What do you think of it? Honestly. Pretty? Ugly? But if you dare say ugly I’ll hunt you down and T.P. your trees. Just sayin’.

So I’m hoping to take a picture a day for 30 days. If you want to submit any pictures and join me in this photography-fest of fun, email your photos to thespoonatic(at)gmail(dot)com. And if you don’t submit any, eh, I’ll survive.

And the final thing I leave you with on this cold, dark, almost-winter evening is a quote. The best part of goodreads (aside from making me feel so depressed that I don’t read enough) is that they have a bunch of quotes. One of the top quotes on the site is “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.” -Albert Einstein.

That guys is hilarious and I seriously think I’m going to use it as my senior quote. True story.



7 thoughts on “In which I ramble on about photo challenges, birthday wishes, and human stupidity.

  1. Albert Einstein = my favorite person to quote. Oh why? Because he’s always mentions God in relation to science and how it wouldn’t make sense without Him. Kicking atheist butt there. Andddd now I feel like a Jay Wile text. Life is unfair like that.

    ooh I like taking pictures and uploading them to the internet; I will do this with you.

    I can finally sing legit “Dancing Queen.” “Young and sweet, only 17!”

    Wait…I’m not very sweet. Bah, oh well.

  2. Favorite Food= Ribeye Steak-Rare

    A favorite quote from the Einstein of baseball – Yogi Berra (from STL BTW).

    You better cut the pizza in four pieces, because I’m not hungry enough to eat six.

  3. Nice photo! I’m not that great of a photographer….so don’t expect much…if anything. haha sorry Picco. Plus I have *no* idea how to edit, so it would be straight from the camera. :/

    You forgot Dr. Pepper, and chocolate on your list of fave foods. But, I would take a photo of something Italian. because I’m the blonde italian. haha


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