While My Egg Salad Sandwich Gently Weeps

My favorite Beatle passed away exactly ten years ago. November 29, 2001. It’s a bummer I was only 6. *sigh* I was born in the wrong decade. True story.

In honor of this depressing anniversary, I made food. Surprise?

I googled his favorite food and the first thing that popped up was some Indian dish with a name I couldn’t pronounce. I love Indian food, don’t get me wrong, but I wasn’t in the mood to cook cook today. You understand. The next food I found that was (apparently) his favorite was an egg sandwich. Ok question, what’s an egg sandwich? Does that mean like a fried egg sandwich? Or a raw egg in between two slices of bread? Or maybe egg is an acronym for Elderly Goat Gyroscope? These are all very good questions, and I’m sure the internet has an answer for all of them. I just assumed when it said “egg sandwich” that it meant “egg salad sandwich.” And what’s better than an egg salad sandwich? Nothing. Well, maybe an egg salad sandwich with bacon. Mmm…bacon…

I always forget how to hard boil eggs, and then I get really perturbed (nice use of a big word, no?) when people on WikiHow tell me how to. It usually involves getting eggs from some magical chicken and then boiling them in water for 7 minutes and 12.5 seconds and then doing some weird dance while peeling the shells. Well, maybe not…but it’s just generally annoying. So, for your sanity, here’s now to hard boil eggs. Take some eggs, put them in a pot and fill the pot with cold water. Add salt to the water. Put a lid on the pot, stick it on the stove, and turn the stove to medium-high heat. When the water starts boiling, turn off the stove. Keeping the pot lid on, let the eggs sit in the water for 10-15 minutes. Rinse under cold water and peel. You’re welcome.

Have you ever tried to take a picture of peeled hard boiled eggs? No? Good. Because it’s difficult. Especially when the egg in front wants to turn out whiter than Justin Bieber. This picture bothers me, in case you couldn’t tell.

If you hard boil your eggs and the yolks look a little grey-ish, don’t panic. You won’t die if you eat them. Probably. The yolks get grey if you overcook the eggs. The egg yolk gets grey colored when the iron in the yolk reacts with the sulfur in the white part. Yes, I looked it up. Yes, I might be a bit of a dork. And yes, the yolks are totally edible to eat. I was being sarcastic.

The best part about egg salad is that it’s so easy, even lazy people like myself can make it. To feed my gigantor family, I used 8 eggs, 1/2 cup of mayo, 1 tablespoon of dijon, some salt & pepper, boom. Instant deliciousness. And we ate every last egg crumb…thing.

So go take some cheesy pictures of your egg salad sandwiches, wear some purple (George’s favorite color), and listen to Abbey Road, because it is only the best Beatles album. Ever. Duh.

And I also made cinnamon rolls. Because those things are delicious.

13 thoughts on “While My Egg Salad Sandwich Gently Weeps

  1. Great pictures and equally great narratives. You really know how to YOLK it up.

    The hair gave it away as to which Beatle was being pictured. That is how my hair used to look. Ha ha. I am going to have to put the Abbey Road album onto my iPod, then put on my purple shirt and go for a long walk while listening to the tunes.

    I know that the edible bacon is a definite favorite of yours, but am wondering how the actor Bacon rates with you. No need to answer.

    • Abbey Road and Revolver are my favorite Beatles albums :) And purple is a wonderful color.

      Kevin Bacon? Meh. He ranks right up there with Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Cruise as boring actors that aren’t worth my time. Now if there was a guy whose name was just Bacon then I’d say that he ranks pretty high. Because that would be a pretty awesome name. If I ever become a rapper, I want my name to be Bacon. And my first hit single will be called Bringing Home the Bacon or something. Just thinking out loud here…

          • yeah that is gross. anyway, I love him in Top Gun. But his personal life…um..is weird. to say the least.

            Yes!! Johnny Depp is amazing!! (understatement there, duh) I’m totally doing the party on June 9th, if I can manage it. and you’re totally coming. no choice there. ;)


          • I haven’t seen Top Gun. And I *still* haven’t seen Iron Man. How sad is that?

            It’s official. I’m flying to your house and shall partake in the Johnny Depp birthday party. But if you want me to come, you’ll…err…have to pay for my ticket. That’s the small fee I require for my awesome presence. Word.

  2. First off – geez, you cook way more than me. haha I hardly even have time to cook (but I did make lasagna last night!!! *applause*) But I guess it’s a good thing you cook a lot since your blog is about a cookbook. ;)

    And what’s better than an egg salad sandwich? A chicken salad sandwich. :D Because it has meat in it. And I make a mean chicken salad, if I can say so myself.

    “The egg yolk gets grey colored when the iron in the yolk reacts with the sulfur in the white part. ” – you’re such a nerd. But I love you for it! It’s exactly something I’d do/say. And we can totally rock nerds – just saying. In fact, I love being a nerd. I think they’re becoming more popular. haha

    I love Abbey Road!! And, yeah, purple is like one of the best colors on this planet – no duh. :D


    PS – sorry it took me so long to comment….I’ve been ridiculously busy. True story.

    • Well, I try. Lasagna? Oh Tia, I’m so impressed with you and your cookish ways ;)

      Ooohhh, chicken salad sandwiches are good. Especially the curry chicken salad from Whole Foods. You need to make me some pronto and…umm…send it through the mail?

      I’m a nerd. Um, what else is new? No, nerd wannabe are becoming more popular. Like the people who are like “Lets have nerd day!” and then they wear dorky glasses to try to be cool. We call those “poser nerds.” The true nerds are the ones who describe the chemical reaction that goes on in a hard boiled egg, and they don’t think twice about it. Exhibit A: Moi.

      I love Abbey Road more.

      Hey, I forgive your lack of commenting-ness. For now. But don’t let it happen again…or else…*duh duh duh*.

      • Hmm….mailed chicken salad. sounds delicious.

        Yeah I’ve been noticing those wannabe nerds lately. Or, more accurately, I’ve been noticing the glasses. what is with those?!

        oh you totally have me freaking out now. I won’t comment late again. ;)


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