How was your Monday night? I met 8 celebrities. I think I win.

Last night was amazing. No, amazing. Let me reiterate: AMAZING. I went to see my favorite band, Honor Society, in concert. And I told the drummer I thought he was awesome. It was a pretty fantastic, if I may say so. Are you ready for my official Honor Society Rock The Red Kettle Tour 2011 review? Yes? Lovely. I apologize in advance for the icky phone pictures. I wasn’t about to lug my mom’s nice camera to the concert…

First let me clarify exactly who Honor Society is. Alexander Noyes, Michael Bruno, Andrew Lee, and Jason Rosen make up the man band from New Jersey. Man band? What’s that, you ask? It’s the same thing as a boy band, but three of the four members in the band are 32 YEARS OLD.  Blech? The lead singer, bass guitarist, and lead guitarist are all 32. Luckily the drummer is 26. And super happy. And adorable. But their style is very rock/pop, like a boy band. I first found out about them because they opened for the Jonas Brothers concert I went to three years ago. *sigh* Yes, I was a JoBro fan. Back in the day, I was pretty sure Joseph Adam Jonas and I were going to get married. That is, until he broke up with Demi Lovato, crushed her soul, and then flaunted his new girl friend in her face-thus, sending her to rehab. Stupid Joe Jonas. But moving on…

The night started off by me and my friend standing with a bunch of snooty teenage girls for an hour because the opening band started late. I mean, they must had fallen asleep or died or something since that’s the only reason to start an hour late, right? Word of advice: never try to be funny when you’re with uptight 17 year old girls. The friend I went to the concert with tried with dire consequences. All I’m going to say is that some people don’t like you creepily looking over their shoulder, and they’ll let you know it. During the hour of standing, some lady was going around telling people that if you bought anything from the merchendise stand, you could get a meet and greet pass. So did I get anything? As the guys in Honor Society say,“Duh?” I got their new album and a meet and greet pass. Two awesome birds with one ten dollar stone. The opening band was Sunderland, four teenage dudes from Idaho? Iowa? One of those “I” states, I think… They were actually really good, and they did an awesome cover of The Middle, by Jimmy Eat World. But the best part of Sunderland was their lead guitarist. If you live in St. Louis and are between the ages of 14-20, chances are you know a dorky redhead guy, lovingly referred to as Noah Pendie. Seriously, I don’t know how everyone knows this guy, but he obviously gets around. Point of this tangent is that the guitarist, Zach, looks and sounds EXACTLY like Noah. Which is totally a compliment.

See? Dork. But pretty cool. Those who know Noah would understand.

Once Sunderland performed (no seriously, they were really good. I strongly suggest that teeny bopper fangirls listen to their music. I enjoyed it…), Honor Society came out and all thirty girls at the concert went berzerk. Yeah, only thirty of us from Missouri braved the cold, rainy night to go see this wonderful band. They played about ten songs, most of them off of their new album, A Tale of Risky Business Part 2, but a few from their old CD Fashionably Late (the album I said I’d bring to a desert island). There was screaming, dancing, guitar pick throwing, and all around insanity. It was pretty much the best concert I’ve ever been to, and I’ve had my fair share of concerts. Oh, and I was like five feet from the stage. That always helps, right?

During the meet and greet (which was just right in front of the stage. It was a small venue), I had like 5 seconds to rehearse was I was going to say to them, since I was second in line. Walking up to talk to them, all I could think is “Wow, these guys are short.” Mike and Jason were 5’5”. Tops. I felt tall for the first time in my life. So my friend and I got with them for a picture and I told Mike how I had so much fun and it was the best concert ever. After I was told to move along by the pushy lady who was taking the picture, I turned to Alex. I had no clue what to say to the guy I admire more than Christian Bale and Johnny Depp combined. Do I say “You’re so cool, and you’ve made me really want to play the drums.” Or even “Your hair/clothes are amazing.” But no. The only intelligent words out of my mouth were “You’re awesome.” And he responded with “You’re awesome, too.” Um, yeah. I was on cloud 9.  After that, I got a picture with the band members of Sunderland, and told Zach that I loved his hair. His response? Verbatim: “My hair? Seriously?! Awww, thanks so much!”

Can I just say how awesome gingers are?

I met the four guys from Sunderland, and all the guys from Honor Society, including the awesome Alex Noyes. Yeah, it was pretty much the most wonderful night of my young life. Duh.


15 thoughts on “How was your Monday night? I met 8 celebrities. I think I win.

  1. Me: “Hey, sorry, just trying to see what that guy is sitting on! I’m not creeping on you, he he he.”

    Girl in front of me: *gives me a you-are-a-complete-and-total-weirdo look* “Uh it’s a wheelchair…”

    Me: **In my head**That’s not a wheelchair girlfriend!! That’s a thingy that the band likes to stand on and throw tokens of themselves to the crowd. **outloud** “Oh, nice.”

  2. My Wednesday morning is just fine, as I have received a very RAD blog from my wonderful Granddaughter. I do not think I won; I KNOW that I won!!!

    • They’re beyond awesome. I say we introduce Liz to them. I’d love to have Mike, Jason, or Andy as an uncle. Or maybe even Alex, since she’s into younger guys, right? Or is that just you? BA DUM BUM CHHHH. Thank you, thank you. I’m here all week.

  3. wow, I think that’s the longest post you’ve ever written. I’m impressed. :D

    that concert sounds amazingly epic!! i *so* wish I could’ve been there! :-/ Reason number 5 bazillion why I need to visit you. ;) However….. you like that guy more than Christian Bale and JOHNNY DEPP?? hmm not sure if that one will fly with me – i’m pretty sure johnny is the most amazinger person to walk this planet…. that must be one heck of guy, just saying. and btw, I *loved* his response to, “you’re awesome”. haha that’s so cool.


    • Well, I had a lot to say about my favorite people in the world ;)

      It was amazingly epic. Next time they come to Missouri or Arizona, we need to see them together :) Um, no. Alexander Crawford Noyes is more amazing than Johnny Depp. Fact.

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