365 days later…

Dear Blog,

Well, look at us celebrating our one year anniversary together.

*sigh* It feels like just yesterday that I was lying on the couch, thinking about how utterly boring my life was and how I really wanted to have a blog, since there weren’t any 15 year olds with amazing blogs. Then, I noticed the daunting cookbook, The Silver Spoon, that we had. And, well, the rest is history…that, and I can’t really remember what happened after that. Somehow, I came up with the name Spoonlighing (That, still, hardly anyone understands. Moonlighting+silver spoon=spoonlighting. Come on, people.) and then I spent a while making menu plans that would involve super expensive foods, and then Christian Bale proposed to me. But some of that might not have happened. My memory’s a bit shady…

We’ve had some good times together, you and I.  Remember the beef stroganoff that almost gave my family a heart attack? And those pretzels that made me want to punch people? Or the gross chocolate roll I made for Lady Modesty’s blog? I’m sure I’ve made things that didn’t make people want to puke, but I have Italian alzheimer’s – I only remember the grudges.

Ok, fine. There was some good stuff too. Those M&M cookies were pretty good, right? And the Butterbeer cupcakes were delish. As were the chocolate chip cookies, the fish and chips,  and all the food I made for my Halloween party.

We’ve also been many fun places together. Like Chicago. And the St. Louis art fair. And Crown Candy. Needless to say, I enjoyed Crown Candy the most.

Anyway, Mr. Blog (you’re a guy, right? I mean, our relationship would be kind of awkward if you weren’t…well, more awkward than it already is), thanks for being almost as totally awesome as I am. Oh, and thanks to all the people that have supported me with all of this. You guys are pretty awesome too.

Lots of love and lots of bacon,


I apologize to everyone that got the rough draft of this post emailed to them. One year of blogging and I haven’t messed up like that yet. There’s a first time for everything, right? There’s also a second time for everything, like me being the second wife of Christian Bale. Hey, just saying.


10 thoughts on “365 days later…

  1. i can’t believe you and Mr. Blog are one year strong! I knew you guys had something special…weird yes…but special.

  2. Congrats!! One year is awesome! Wow…you’ve been blogging for less time than I have, yet you have like a bazillion more posts… hmm…. that makes me feel lazy…. ;)

    Good job, Picco. I’m so proud of my twin. :D


    • At least I try to. Sometimes when I want to make something I know is really good, and I think making it gluten-free might ruin it, I don’t change it. So it doesn’t make it to the blog, but it makes it to my stomach. But you didn’t hear that from me…shhh…

  3. Happy blog-birthday! Seems an occasion for cake? Cookies? Ice cream?

    I love the “Italian Alzheimer’s” comment. As an Italian, I can totally vouch for the existence of said ailment. In other people, of course. Not in myself. Never in myself. :)

    • Thank you! When is it not an occasion for cake, cookies, and/or ice cream?

      Oh, it’s not a vice you possess, I’m sure. Actually, I don’t have it either. I was just speaking in behalf of fellow Italians. Obviously.

  4. Congratulations on the 1st anniversary of the “awesomest” blog, ever. I can’t believe it!
    Reading your posts and looking at the exploits of you in the kitchen has been great fun. I am so proud of you and all that food,(especially the bacon). Keep it up. Mimi

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