In which it’s my half birthday and I make a cake for myself and eat a majority of it

As they say in England, “Happy Half-Birthday, Picco.”*

*said with a British accent

Since it’s my half birthday, I made myself a cake, cut it in half and stacked the layers on top of each other, and then spelled “hap birth” in peanut butter and chocolate chips. Because that’s just how I roll.

Dear producers of Ace of Cakes, look at the icing work on this cake. Don’t hold back your feelings of complete and utter impression. You know you need me on the show. I’ll be waiting to get in contact with you.

Sadly, this isn’t a made-from-scratch cake. I just dumped out the Betty Crocker cake powder stuff, added some eggs, water, and oil, mixed it, and stuck it in the oven. Easy. Which is exactly how I like my food preparation to be. The picture of the slice of cake above took forever to take, in case you were wondering. The dumb cake kept falling over. So I had to prop it up.

Woah. Spoonlighting just got professional. Do you think you can handle it?

Oh and I think I’m going to write a cookbook. I don’t know how, I don’t know when, I don’t know how many Christian Bale references will be in it, but it’s going to happen. Get excited.


10 thoughts on “In which it’s my half birthday and I make a cake for myself and eat a majority of it

  1. Well, a very Happy UnBirthday to you. I would very much like to deice the icing on your Half-Birthday cake.

    BTW I went to my dictionary to look up the definition of bale. I do not believe that you would be happy with the secondary or archaic definition.

  2. Hapy Belated half-birthday! You know….I’ve never thought about my half-birthday before….hmm.. Anyway, that cake looks scrumptious (isn’t scrumptious such an amazing word?? I think it’s my new favorite :D ) and I am uber impressed with your toothpick skills. Wacha.


    • I can see it now…

      “Cooking With Awesomeness” by Picco.

      “This cookbook is dedicated to my bestest friend (who I haven’t actually met yet…), Tia. Tia dearest, thanks for being just as sane/insane as I am. The comments you leave on my blog and your love of Johnny Depp makes me happy. Stay awesome.”

      Yup. Best seller.

  3. Happy Half-Birthday :) That cake looks so delicious I might print off pictures of it and eat them. Uh, what? ….*awkward silence*

    Go watch Downton now so we can talk about the fact that the new maid Jane was giving Lord Grantham long lingering glares. Uh, what? Did I say that out loud? ;)

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