Cookbooks count as literature, right?

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I think I have lead poisoning and no one believes me. It was nice knowing you all.

I could just leave you hanging there with those unusual few sentences, but I’ll elaborate. I spent Saturday morning cleaning a really disgusting, groady, old place. Luckily, the people I cleaned with were pretty much some of my favorite people in the world, so that made it a little better. Unluckily, one of the rooms I cleaned had a bunch of plaster dust in it, and, since it’s a really old building, I’m sure there was lead paint in the plaster. And then I proceeded to breathe in the lead dust for a good half hour. I AM THE SMARTEST MAN ALIVE! Name that movie quote. Anyway, the next morning I woke up feeling like I was going to die. I even wrote my eulogy and stuff…except, not. So I blame the lead paint as the reason I feel so icky, but everyone else I’ve talked to said it was just from cleaning for 4 hours. I’ve heard it both ways.

I would have made food tonight but I experienced the deliciousness that is Dunkin Sticks earlier today. Have you had those things? They are basically glazed cake donuts, there are three of them in a wrapper, they may or may not have 490 calories, and they’re almost disgustingly filling. I’m pretty sure I’m going into cardiac arrest as I type this, but I blame the lead paint. It’s always fun to try new foods (does that actually count as a food…?), even if they might give me heart failure. Speaking of new foods, I was offered hard cider the other day by someone who I thought was a mature, 21 year old architect. Turns out the only things I got correct were the 21 year old part and the architect part. Although I’m pretty sure he was joking…and I almost accepted it. I mean, what? Who said that.

So instead of pictures of food, here are some pictures of my reading material as of late.

First off, Julia’s Kitchen Wisdom by Julia Child. Obviously. I mean, is there any other wise Julia who is in kitchens? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

I know what you’re thinking. Yes, it does count as an actual book. It has words and a cover – thus, it’s a book. And I’ve read it cover to cover about five times now. I sneaked it into my mom’s Amazon cart, and I think it was only $11 or so. Thanks mom. I strongly recommend buying it since it contains basic tips everyone should know about cooking. And it’s by Julia Child. Frankly, I’m sold.

Also, La Cucina Italiana. One of the best magazines I’ve ever gotten. Although that really isn’t saying much because I think the only other ones I’ve subscribed to were Highlights and American Girl. Yeah. The whole magazine is chock full of recipes, but I usually only stare at the pictures of food and Italy. I’m really depressed it only comes out six times a year because every time I get an issue I pretty much have an emotional breakdown from happiness. That makes sense, right?

Oh, and I’m also reading Great Expectations (I swear I’ve been reading that book for three months now). And I’m unbiasedly reading a Richard III biography. Totally unbiased. I think.


15 thoughts on “Cookbooks count as literature, right?

  1. It would have been better to lick the lead paint to really make sure it got into your system.

    And as for “some of my favorite people”, it’s pretty obvious that your talking about… Me. I don’t blame you. I *am* pretty awesome. ;) Luckily, the general consensus is that your pretty great too. Especially since you’ve come round to Matthew. That definitely helped your case with the cool committee.

    • Who’s to say I didn’t? There’s a reason I was cleaning that room alone. Scott walked in on me munching on the lead dust covered chair and he quickly ran out. It was kind of awkward.

      Um yeah, I was totally talking about you…I guess? But you are pretty awesome, and I’m glad you’re accepting of my Matthew tolerance. Although Thomas is definitely wayyy more fantastic. Or should I say fabulous?

  2. Thinking you had lead poisoning (even though it was probably not true) and having an emotional breakdown (even though it was just happiness) and hobnobbing with an immature architect (even though it was hardly cider)—I am quite sure that it is time for you to get out of STL and get some R & R.

  3. R3 IS MY FAVORITE BRITISH BLOKE EVER. I may have told you that before though…


    P.s. Hey, if you end up dying from lead poisoning do I still have to do the 5K? ;)

    • He might be second on my list of Picco’s Favourite British Blokes Ever. *ehem* Although I haven’t read past the family tree and page 3 of the intro of that book. Yeah.

      And even if I do die, it’s a non issue since SOMEONE STILL HASN’T SIGNED UP FOR THE 5K. I’m not pointing fingers. CoughMariecough.

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