Getting to know you, putting it my way, but nicely, you are precisely my cup of tea.

I’ve done this blog for a year and a half and just realized that unless you are one of my readers who knows me personally (hi mom), you probably know absolutely nothing about me. So since I have no witty story to write about today, let’s go ahead with semi-pointless facts about the famous (?) Piccola Italiana, shall we?

Contrary to my about me picture, I don’t have a rectangular body, I don’t walk around with a spoon in one hand and an Italian flag in the other, and I stay away from high heels, especially bright red ones. I am pretty average, to tell you the truth. Brown hair, brown eyes, kinda short, and according to Wii Fit I’m at risk of being obese. Unfortunately, the Wii lies. I’m a perfectly normal weight, you wonky electronic stupid technology thing.

I still am and forever will be scared of the dark. If I stay the night at a friend’s house I’m always like “Hey, could we leave on a light…or 5?” Once when I was little I got so scared that in the middle of the night I put on my friend’s winter coat and snow boots, thinking they would protect me from whatever Norman Bates was hiding in her closet. Needless to say weird looks were exchanged that morning. Oh and when I say I was little I mean it was about 2 years ago.

I pass out when I get my blood drawn. Well actually, I don’t pass out pass out. I just feel sick and I go all pale…aannnddd last time it happened I couldn’t see or hear anything and fell to the ground. It’s a wonderful characteristic I possess. Ha.

You could put Toy Story or the Disney version of Robin Hood on repeat, stick me in front of the tv, and I’d be watching it all day.

I’ve played violin since I was 3 1/2, piano since I was 7, and I took organ lessons for about a year. I also really don’t like Mozart or boy bands. Just in case you were wondering…

I’m homeschooled. When I tell people that, I quickly follow it up with BUT I’M NOT A DORK. I’m one of those rare homeschoolers who actually has social skills. And, no, I don’t do school in my pajamas and I do have friends. Shocker, right?

Once I get out of highschool my plan is to major in Philosophy, then do a 1 year nursing program to get my BSN. Afterwards, I want to move to New York and work in the emergency room of a pediatric hospital. Because kids are adorable and adults aren’t.

And those are pretty much all the important facts about me. I’m much more interesting on the internet. Although, aren’t we all?

Spicy Tequila Lime Marinated Chicken

Adapted from tastykitchen

1 cup freshly squeezed lime juice (about 4 Limes). I made the mistake of using key limes and had to juice 21 itty bitty limes just to get 1/2 cup of juice. NEVER AGAIN…
1/2 cup Tequilla
2 ounce, fluid Triple Sec
3 cloves garlic
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 Serrano pepper
1/2 teaspoon cumin
3/4 teaspoon chili powder
8 chicken thighs

Combine all ingredients listed (except chicken, obviously?) into a food processor, or if you’re too lazy to lug out your food processor, use a blender. Pulse until all ingredients are finely chopped and mixture is smooth.
Pour marinade into a shallow dish and place chicken in dish to marinate for a 3-4 hours. Flip the chicken once about halfway through the marinade time.

Place a grill pan over medium high heat and sear the chicken on each side. It should take about 4-5 minutes per side. Reserve excess marinade.

After both sides are golden brown, remove chicken from pan. Put the chicken onto a cutting board and slice chicken into strips, about 1/2 inch thick.

Return chicken to a sauce pan type thing. I’m not sure what they’re called…I used a wok…and add the excess marinade. Stir everything to combine, cover, and let simmer for another 5-6 minutes, or until chicken is cooked all the way through.

I served the chicken in tortillas with lettuce, tomatoes, and homemade guacamole. I don’t use measurements in my guacamole – just avocados, lime juice, and sea salt. Just experiment with the ingredients until you want to eat the entire bowl right then and there.


12 thoughts on “Getting to know you, putting it my way, but nicely, you are precisely my cup of tea.

  1. It is hard to believe that it has already been a year and a half since Picco came onto the blog scene.

    Thanks, your awesomeness, for sharing some of your personal details. An interesting combination: philosophy and nursing.

    Your chicken concoction looks great.

  2. Wii Fit changes it’s mind every time I get on it. I weigh somewhere around 115 and it goes anywhere from telling me I need to eat more to telling me I’m average. It changes every time I get on the thing. What?
    And why does my Wii Fit age change every time, too? No one ever believes me but I seriously got it to 16 when I was 16. Why does no one believe me? Oh, because when I got to prove it to them it tells me I’m 23. Or 45.
    I swear, it’s bi-polar. And likes to mess with your mind.

    Hey, what do you know — I’m afraid of the dark too! I doubt as severely as you are, but seriously I came up the stairs last night and only one light was on in the entire upstairs and I think I had a heart attack right there in the hallway. Then I sprinted to the bathroom and turned on every light available in there.

    And I’ve also played piano since I was 7. I’ve wanted to play violin for a long time now. Some day…

    How about instead of moving to New York you move to Pensacola because that’s where I will live and we will get together for lunch and tea and go to movies and be awesome and the world will be good the end.

    And then you can also make me that chicken thing because it looks freakin’ delish.

    • Actually, looking back I made myself seem way more afraid of the dark than I actually am ;) I always convince myself that I like watching scary movies, so I watch them at night and it just goes downhill from there…

      I love violin. You should definitely take lessons.

      I’m pretty sure if I moved to Florida I’d be totally unproductive and just lay around on the beach all day. Is that what you want? A friend who’s by then more than at risk of being obese from all the bacon and cheese oysters I’ve eaten, and scary tan? Because that’d be freaky. I think you should move to NY instead :)

      Um, ya. It was crazy good. Not to make myself sound like an alci, but booze (cooked, of course) makes everything taste better.

  3. The Wii Fit tells my 5’11” brother that he should weigh like 150. Which is less than *I* weigh. The Wii Fit is very misguided.
    I LOVE the Disney version of Robin Hood! It’s one of my favorites.
    haha! I was homeschooled, too, but people never guessed it! I never actually got asked if I went to school in my pajamas, but I did get asked “…*concerned look* but… how do you socialize?” (Answer: with my friends, duh.) Usually, when I tell people I was homeschooled, they are very surprised. Apparently I upset their mental picture of what a homeschooler looks like.
    I love reading random facts about people. Especially on my favorite blogs.

    • It’s definitely one of my favorites. But in Disney World they pretend like it was never made. I’m not sure about Disney Land, but when we went to Disney World there was nothing Robin Hood related at all. No rides, no souvenirs, no creepy people dressed up as Maid Marian or Little John or that one slightly annoying chicken…

      I know! People always ask me if I actually hang out with people. Um, what? I also get asked a lot of my mom is my principle. I never know how to answer that one.

      I love random facts about people too. And I’m totally flattered that I’m lucky enough to have one of your favorite blogs :)

  4. Whoa, another difference between us… (this is getting scary. Are we losing our twin-ness??)……. I like red high heels. Actually I have this awesome pair that I love to wear to church. They’re all glittery and painful and people call them my “Dorothy with Attitude” shoes. Yep, pretty much the definition of awesomeness. ;)


    • Woah woah woah. QUICK WE NEED TO NAME SOME TWIN FACTS. Ok, we both love Johnny Depp, Dr. Pepper, converses, more Johnny Depp…ahh, ok I feel better now.

      My great grandmother has an awesome pair of red sparkly heels. I think if an 88 year old woman can wear them, maybe I could. Maybe?

      • If I can pull them off, you definitely can. Oh and don’t forget our twin facts of: social awkwardness, love of food (bacon in particular), hermiting, hard rock, phantom of the opera, homeschooled, 16…… Ok, we’re good now. :D


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