Mid-week Crisis: Ryan Gosling would make a great Catwoman

Taking a cue from two of my favorite bloggers, Jessica and Mara, I’ve decided to start a weekly summary of all the exciting (?) things that are going on in my life. Since all the good names are taken (like Mara’s Friday Links, and Jessica’s Tuesday Things), I’ve decided to call mine Mid-Week Crisis and post it on Wednesdays. Kind of like mid-life crisis, but it happens every week. Because Wednesday are stupid. I give my sister full credit with coming up with the name, because the best I could think of was Woebegone Wednesdays. Hmm. So this is what’s been happening with me:

1. I found out yesterday that my dad might be able to get free tickets to see Justin Bieber this summer. Would that make me less of a human if I go…? Wait. Don’t answer that.

2. Why isn’t this in my belly right now? Valid question.

3. This is my dog, Gemma Rose McGinty Italiana. Yes, that is her full name, and yes she is named after Damian McGinty’s older sister, Gemma. I’ve been trying to teach her (my dog, not Damian’s sister) cool tricks. The latest one is I’ll have her sit and then I’ll pretend to shoot her and yell BANG, and she falls over.*

*This only happens if I have a piece of cheese in my hand to reward her with afterwards, and when I say she falls over, I mean I usually have to push her. Do you know how hard it is to push over a 65 pound dog?

4. Batman comes out in 9 days. Tom Hardy+Christian Bale+Joseph Gordon Levitt-Anne Hathaway=best movie ever. Seriously, whose idea was it to stick Anne Hathaway in it? The only character she’s capable of playing is that one princess she played in Princess Diaries. Can someone say boring? Why didn’t they get someone else to play Catwoman, like Emma Stone or Jennifer Lawrence? Actually, they could of just stuck Ryan Gosling in a leather jumpsuit and said he was Catwoman. I assure you he would have done a better job, and the entire female population wouldn’t protest.

5. I switched up my room a bit and wanted to show off how cool it looks. I’m not quite done just yet, but it looks much better than it just being a blank wall. I DID end up putting up the Damian McGinty (so much Damian in this post…) and Beatles posters like I thought I’d never get around to doing. And all those tickets? Those are all the concerts I’ve been to (that I can find the tickets from…). Kind of a lot, but there could and will be way more. And one of them is a ticket from when I saw the Jonas Brothers back in 2009. Now THAT makes me less of a human.

6. Today is Nation Cheer Up the Lonely Day. If you are lonely this is me cheering you up: I think you’re awesome. And if you’re not lonely, you are not welcome to our Sad Holiday Party. Next week? Forever Alone Day, followed by My Sarcasm Makes Me Have No Friends Day.

7. Will someone please invite me to a fancypants party so I can wear this dress? Also, I wouldn’t mind if someone turned me into Mila Kunis either. Just saying.


7 thoughts on “Mid-week Crisis: Ryan Gosling would make a great Catwoman

  1. So glad you agree with me on Anne Hathaway. I know a lot of people love her (obviously enough to cast her as Catwoman), but really? It just isn’t working for me.

    I love how your room is set up now! Especially your Beatles poster. ;) I have five Lord of the Rings posters, two Alice in Wonderland posters (the new one with Johnny Depp.), and one Jack Sparrow poster. I’m working on getting a Joker wall scroll (sooo excited!) and three small Phantom of the Opera posters. Also, I LOVE the quote on your wall. Did you paint that on?

    That parmesan grilled cheese sandwich looks amazing. Why don’t I have it in my belly either? I’ve always loved the Friday links from Mara, so I’m really glad you’re doing it as well now! Who knows, maybe I’ll catch on someday. If I ever get back on a regular blogging schedule….


    • I’m more glad you agree with me :) I hope she doesn’t ruin it…but if not, I’ll just close my eyes when she comes on screen.

      Thank ya! I have another huge Beatles poster on the other side of the room, but I like that Abbey Road one better. Ooooooh, I want to see the Joker one when you get it! And yes, I did paint the quote :) It’s from one of my favorite songs, On the Brightside, by Never Shout Never. My mom hates it, though. She’s threatening to paint over it when I leave for college next year… ;)

      I made it last night for dinner and it was SOOOOOOOOO good. I kinda messed up the proportions for the ingredients in the pesto, but I just added extra mozzarella to the sandwich and made marinera sauce. You need to blog more, lady. And I love Mara’s links too :)

  2. I don’t like Anne Hathaway, either. I am extremely dubious about her as Catwoman. However, given that Heath Ledger was such a fantastic and unexpected Joker (seriously, not that he was bad, but before that was he ever anything other than some sort of heartthrob hero?), I have a very tiny and most likely misled margin of hope that she might actually be okay.

    Your dog is adorable. And the part about you teaching her new tricks (aka pushing her over) made me laugh out loud. Seriously. Hilarious! (And then I showed it to my mom and SHE laughed out loud.)

    I looove Mila Kunis’s dress. So pretty.

    I also love your new Midweek Crisis posts idea. Because this post… is pretty darn hilarious!

    • That’s awesome that everyone’s agreeing with me on the whole Anne Hathaway thing. I’m expecting her to be as awful at Catwoman as Heath Ledger was fantastic as Joker…if that makes sense. I’m going into the whole movie with very low expectations. Blah.

      Isn’t she cute? She’s a yellow lab, but she’s what’s called a Dudley, so instead of having a black nose and black around the eyes, she’s pink. It makes her that much more adorable. She’s the most loving dog on the planet, but is so scary when she needs to be. I was home alone and there was some guy with a clipboard ringing our doorbell and wouldn’t go away. She charged towards the door, jumped up against the glass, and started barking so loudly it scared me. Aaaannnnddd the guy kinda screamed like a girl and ran down the stairs.

  3. Mid-week crisis is certainly a lot better than Mid-week crises. Some people call Wednesday Hump Day—meaning that it is all downhill after Wed.

    Neat poster of the Beatles and I think I recognize a poster of Holly Golightly (AKA Audrey Heartburn).

  4. i do like your idea about Ryan Gosling and will happily sign a petition about it.

    Alexander McQueen dresses deserve our drooling. i will buy you a couple for your birthday and we can make Mila Kunis want to be turned into us.

  5. Oh my gosh, I am so glad we agree 100% on Hathaway. She was good in Princess Diaries. And that’s it.
    I am so excited to see this movie. I wish I was there so you, me, and Marie could go see it together. :(
    I love your wall, especially how your picture of Demi has “Demi Lavato” printed on it. Ya know, just in case you’re glancing at your wall one day and forget who she is and are all like “Who the heck is this girl on my wall? Oh, wait, it’s Demi. It says right here in bright yellow letters.”

    Also I’m sorry you saw Jonas Brothers in concert. Unless Nick performed Introducing Me. Don’t tell anyone, but I actually really like that song.

    Alla fine.
    (The end.)

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