Mid-week Crisis: Happy birthday, my unphotogenic dog.

1. July 23rd was my dog Gemma’s 2nd birthday. I know there aren’t any pictures of me on this blog, but if you were wondering just how photogenic I am, take a look at her. We’re both equally as attractive on camera. And yes, that is an “I am 1” party hat. Yeah.

2. It’s always nice to be told you’re awesome by Mitchell Davis

3. Did you hear that Christian Bale went to go visit the victims of the Colorado shooting? He stopped by a hospital that some of the people were at and, you know, was just generally amazing. That’s all I wanted to say. That man is my idol.

4. Remember Heelys, the shoes with the wheels on the back that were super popular like 5-10 years ago? I just found my old pair. Back in the day, my best friend had some and I would get super jealous when she was rolling around in them, being super cool. Looking back, they really weren’t that cool, but that didn’t stop me from relentlessly begging my mom to get me a pair. And then the first (maybe second?) day of having them, I proceeded to test them out in the basement, fall, and break my wrist. My mom LOVED that.

5. Batman themed wedding? WHAT IS THIS INSANITY?!

6. You know what song’s been going through my head for the past 3 days? Why do you build me up buttercup baby just to let me down? And the worst part is that I only know like two lines of that song, so I just keep repeating them. I need you, more than anyone darling…and that’s all I know. Just FYI.

7. Five Words: Grilled. Mozzarella. Sandwich. With. Pesto. It’s pretty much the most delicious food ever? And I dipped it in marinara sauce. Drool drool. And I took that picture with my phone in horrible lighting. And then I tried to fix it, aaannnddd…exhibit A why I should never go into photoshopping professionally. I also shouldn’t professionally go into never professing my love for Christian Bale…does that make sense? No? You know what, it’s been a long day…

Happy Wednesday?


7 thoughts on “Mid-week Crisis: Happy birthday, my unphotogenic dog.

  1. Wow, that is so awesome that Christian Bale went to see the victims of the shooting. Like, beyond awesome. Not many celebrities would do that today, so that’s amazing. :D

    Happy Birthday to your dog! I love celebrating doggie birthdays. Did you make her a cake?


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